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World coffees, inpired by the land and created by craftsman

Coffee experts of Nespresso crossed the world in search for the most refined coffee regions. We traveled the foresty mountains of sumatra to the highlands of Nicaragua. In the most distant area's we searched local coffee experts. We combined their traditional processes with our own innovative techniques to create extrodinairy coffeeprofiles and flavors: The Nespresso Master Origin Coffees.

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Roasting from one specific area

With the help of the split roasting technique we can create coffeeflavors from one area that support eachother. Due to a well thought out roasting process we can create a coffee that has both supporting bitter as sour accents. The roasting of the Master Origins create a complex but balanced coffee.

Grinding and filling the capsules

Every Master Origin coffee has it's distinct proportions. There are two more factors that will have it's result in your cup. The quantity of coffee and the grind of the cofee. Those two decide for how long the water will have time to extract the flavors and unique aroma's. With a coars grind the water will flow swiftly and the taste will stay flat. Is the grinding to small, then there will be too intense aromas. This way we find the perfect balance for all coffees.

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