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Discover the Nespresso coffee capsules range of Lungo Grands Crus
Specially conceived by our Coffee Experts to be enjoyed in a long coffee cup (110ml).
Enjoy the wide range of profiles, aromas and intensity of these 3 Nespresso Lungo Grands Crus:
Fortissio Lungo, Vivalto Lungo and Linizio Lungo.
Game Lungo Nespresso
Gamme Lungo  Nespresso
Gamme Lungo Nespresso
Gamme Lungo Nespresso
Gamme Lungo Nespresso


A complete range to accompany the ideal breakfast
Rich and Full-bodied
As in the age of sailing ships, Indian Malabar Arabica beans are exposed to monsoon winds after harvest to reveal a distinguished aromatic profile. We blend these with Latin American Arabica beans to create a lungo with a truly intense character. This full-bodied lungo, rich in aroma, expresses itself in beautiful sweet cereal and malty toasted notes, and it offers a pleasant bitterness with an exquisite fullness on the palate thanks to its round and smooth texture.
Aromatic profile
Cup size
Sweet cereal, malty toasted
110 ml
Complex and Balanced
A complex yet balanced marriage between South American Arabicas cultivated at high altitude, among them "Cerrado" from Brazil, and an East African Arabica. Vivalto Lungo combines roasted and subtle floral notes. Split roasting of the beans enhances the character of each origin.
Aromatic profile
Cup size
Floral, roasted
110 ml
Round and Smooth
Pure Arabica from South America, Linizio Lungo is a well-rounded blend made of Brazilian and Colombian coffee. The split-roasting gives a cereal, malty note typical for the Bourbon variety, while maintaining its mild and smooth character.
Aromatic profile
Cup size
Malted cereal, balanced
110 ml


Enhance your Coffee tastings with Accessories designed to bring out
all the subtleties of each Grand Cru.
Set of two Espresso tempered glass Cups (80 ml) and black and charcoal grey melamine saucers.
Set of two Espresso tasting glasses (Ø 5.7cm / height 12cm) in crystal-glass, concentrating the powerful roasting notes of the Intense Espresso Grands Crus.
Set of two porcelain Lungo coffee cups (170 ml) and saucers. Inspired by the shape of the Nespresso capsule.
Set of two double-wall Espresso Cups (80 ml) in stainless steel matching the Grands Crus colors, with two stirrers (12.5 cm) in stainless steel.
Set of two cups (70 ml) and round saucers in fine china, hand-painted with fine gold on the handle


Enhance your experience with a touch of milk
Mocha Chocolat
(110ml of coffee + 110ml of milk)
 -  30 min
A classic coffee recipe, the mere name of which hints at the promise of travel and indulgence.
Caffé Latte
(110ml of coffee + 110ml of milk)
 -  10 min   Aerocinno
A great classic! A coffee recipe which combines a blend of Espresso and milk, topped with wonderfully creamy milk foam.
(110ml of coffee + 20ml of milk)
 -  10 min   Aerocinno
Give in to the ultimate temptation with a blend of creamy milk foam and the character of the Espresso Grands Crus capsules.
Latte Macchiato
(110ml of coffee + 40ml of milk)
 -  30 min   Aerocinno
The hot milk and creamy milk foam are imbued with the delicious flavour of coffee for a spectacular, sumptuous result. This will delight all gourmets!


Prepare these recipes with the
Aeroccino Black Milk Frother
The Aeroccino Milk Frother can transform milk into a light and velvety milk foam. By pouring the milk foam at your desired speed, you can control the way it blends with your favorite Grand Cru.