Coffee Capsule Recycling

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How to recycle your Nespresso capsules

Please note: The recycling bag will hold up to 85 Vertuo Capsules.

We want recycling capsules to be easy so we offer 3 ways to recycle: you can drop off your used capsules at all Nespresso boutiques, at Parcel Motel locations and we also offer a complimentary collection service from your home. You can obtain a free recycling bag from any Nespresso boutique , by adding a recycling bag to your basket when ordering your capsules on line or by contacting Nespresso on 1800 812 660.

Through our dedicated Nespresso recycling scheme, your used capsules are then sent to a specialist recycling processing plant in Cheshire where we process the capsules to enable their re-use : - the aluminium is smelted and reused for beverage cans, automotive spare parts, bikes and other everyday objects; the coffee grounds are reused as compost.

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Ways to recycle

Return your used capsules via Parcel Motel

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Take your bag to your nearest Nespresso boutique

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Request a collection for the same time as your next delivery during checkout

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Recycling & Sustainability

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