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The new VERTUO system for irresistible coffee crema

Discover the new Nespresso VERTUO coffee machines, for a perfect crema on your coffee or espresso every time. After all, coffee lovers no longer have to give up a rich crema even with a coffee Lungo. Because it is the crown of coffee so to speak and perfects your coffee experience with a special taste and a great look. Especially the sophisticated coffee drinkers more than appreciate the golden-brown foam. The VERTUO and VERTUO Plus make coffee crema preparation easier than ever. Thanks to the adjustable cup holder, you can now brew your favourite coffee directly into your preferred cup size.
Convince yourself of the new standards in coffee brewing, which we have set with the VERTUO coffee machine technology!

Patented VERTUO Centrifusion™ technology ensures a perfect crema

Thanks to the patented Centrifusion™ technology of the VERTUO capsule machine, the coffee capsule is rotated at up to 7000 revolutions per minute in the machine head. This ensures that after brewing you will find the best crema and even the last drop of aroma in your cup or mug. The intelligent barcode recognition ensures that each capsule form receives an optimally adapted extraction. Water volume, water temperature or rotation speed of the capsule are just a few of these important brewing parameters, we are taking in account on the way for the perfect coffee crema. The light on your capsule machine indicates that the capsule has been recognized and the brewing process has begun. With the new VERTUO capsule machines you experience the redefinition of coffee enjoyment up close - no matter which coffee specialty you are preferring the most.
Since the VERTUO extraction process is started with the one-touch function, you are only a button away from your next, unforgettable coffee moment – at any time of the day.

What makes a perfect crema?

Especially fans of espresso attach great importance to the perfect crema as a crown on your favourite drink, as this includes a large part of the flavours. But thanks to the patented VERTUO Centrifusion™ technology, you no longer have to do it without a rich crema, even with longer coffees. In addition to the grinding degree of coffee, the type of bean, among other things, is decisive for the density and quality of the crema. For instance, when you use Robusta you will always get more cream than with Arabica. This is due, among other things, to the higher proportion of coffee bean oil in Robusta beans. In addition to the oil, the crema consists of various sugars, proteins and carbon dioxide.
Whether the crema has the perfect consistency, you can easily check with the sugar test: Just sprinkle a teaspoon of sugar over your coffee. The best crema should withstand the weight of the sugar for a few seconds, before it slowly slides into the coffee. Visually, it should have the so-called characteristic tiger stripes in the best case. Brewing fresh coffee that has a stable crema is as easy as never before with our new VERTUO machine range! What are you waiting for?

Great coffee variety & quality with the VERTUO capsules from Nespresso

All VERTUO coffee capsules are delivered in the highest Nespresso quality - as you are used to from the ORIGINAL coffee capsules. No matter which variety suits you best, the coffee crema preparation has never been easier. With our wide range of VERTUO coffee capsules there is the right variety for every taste. Espresso, Lungo or Alto - we cover all cup sizes. Also watch out for our seasonal, Limited Editions, which are usually only available for a short time. Best VERTUO espresso in combination with one of the new capsule machines, for example, creates a very special coffee experience, as authentic as if you were in an Italian café - but right at your home. Experience the Nespresso VERTUO signature!