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Unique coffee enjoyment VERTUO & ORIGINAL

No matter which of our systems you choose, two unique coffee experiences await you. With the new VERTUO system, you can make fresh coffee from small to large cups every day. Discover the huge range of different coffee styles that you can prepare with the VERTUO and the VERTUO Plus coffee maker. The patented VERTUO Centrifusion™ Technology ensures an irresistible crema on all your coffees - whether on the classic Espresso or on the in coffee Lungo, which is very popular in Germany. With the innovative VERTUO coffee system, you can create all of your coffees specialties with a frothy, aromatic crown - with just the push of a button! Whether you choose the VERTUO or the VERTUO Plus coffee maker, the result will inspire you every day. The VERTUO Plus can be used anywhere, as the 1.2-liter water tank can be swiveled to the left and right. The unique coffee selection and extraction through Centrifugal Technology transforms each of your coffee moments into an unforgettable experience.

Coffee enjoyment with VERTUO & ORIGINAL creations

With the ORIGINAL coffee system, you can create Espresso & Co with the proven, pressure-based extraction system. It is ideal for all coffee specialties, but especially for all recipes that are based on milk. Some of the Nespresso ORIGINAL machines therefore have an integrated milk frother. But thanks to the Aeroccino milk frother, the milk can also be foamed to perfection with our separate equipment. Depending on the model, you also have the choice between cold and warm milk foam. The ORIGINAL coffee system capsules are available in all conceivable variations and flavors - from fruity sweet to aromatic strong, every coffee lover will find the right variety for all his ORIGINAL creations. Whether classic Espresso or mild Latte Macchiato, experience an authentic coffee enjoyment at the push of a button. Fans of decaffeinated coffee will also get their money's worth. Because all our decaffeinated coffee capsules taste just as good as those with caffeine. So you do not have to give up your favorite taste, if you want to drink a caffeine-free coffee. With the ORIGINAL coffee system you can enjoy the classic Espresso experience in perfection.
The capsule machines are available in many different sizes and colors. Perfect the taste experience with cups and glasses from our high-quality collections, which were created for an ideal development of all flavors.

How can I get the unique coffee enjoyment VERTUO & ORIGINAL?

Enjoying the irresistible Nespresso coffees is easy. On the one hand you need an ORIGINAL or VERTUO capsule machine. Depending on the system, suitable coffee capsules are required, which are available in many different varieties and – for VERTUO – sizes in our online shop or a Nespresso boutique in your area. You can also order the capsules directly online and pick it up in a Nespresso boutique two hours later. All you have to do is to select the appropriate option for your online order. Whether VERTUO or ORIGINAL capsules, you will always get the highest Nespresso quality. We attach great importance to the quality of our coffee beans. This is why the quality of our beans is controlled carefully and the smallest details are taken into account - at every step of the coffee production process.