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The new VERTUO Nespresso pods for best coffee

Discover our extensive range of new VERTUO capsules. In addition to our 25 VERTUO coffees that are always available, we also offer seasonal changing limited editions. The cup sizes range from espresso (40 ml) to Alto (414 ml). As you already used to from our ORIGINAL coffee capsules, we have also specified the intensity of the different VERTUO varieties for you. From mild roasted blends to intense varieties to decaffeinated coffee, you'll find everything your heart desires.

Where can I buy the VERTUO Nespresso capsules?

The various VERTUO pods can be ordered, as you are used to, from our online shop or bought directly at a Nespresso boutique of your choice. It is also possible to order the pods online and then pick them up in the Nespresso boutique of your choice - just as you wish. The delivery usually takes no longer than two working days. And from 20 sleeves of coffee upwards, the standard delivery is completely free for you. If you are already a Nespresso member you can profit from many benefits in our new Nespresso & You program. There you can get discounts on selected accessories, the opportunity to participate in our Nespresso Masterclass free of charge and other exclusive offers such as a preemptive right on Limited Editions and free premium delivery services.

What makes the VERTUO Nespresso pods so special?

The incomparable taste of the new VERTUO Nespresso capsules depends, among other things, on the various factors of the terroir, the composition of the roast mixture and the preparation with the patented Centrifusion™ Technology - because the VERTUO system creates a coffee crema in perfection! We attach great importance to using only the best beans for our coffee. This requires to control every single bean with our years of coffee expertise. Furthermore, we attach great importance to the growing conditions and the fair treatment of our coffee farmers all over the world.
As our VERTUO Nespresso pods are made of aluminum, the contents are protected from light and other external influences. This means that you have virtually no loss of quality during prolonged storage. We try to make the recycling of used Nespresso capsules as easy as possible - with success! Did you know that the collection capacity of pods in Germany has been 100% since the year 1993? Thanks to our efforts, it is possible to dispose of the used coffee pods conveniently via the yellow bag, the yellow bin, recyclables and recyclables collection points. You can also easily return them to one of our Nespresso boutiques on your next visit. The used aluminum capsules can be used afterwards to create new products. For example, with the Swiss stationery manufacturer Caran d'Ache we manufacture the elegant "849" ballpoint pen, whose shaft is made from recycled aluminum capsules.