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By 2020 Nespresso commits to100% responsibly
managed aluminium

What have we achieved so far

In Germany, the collection capacity for Nespresso capsules has been 100% since 1993 – when Nespresso voluntarily licensed its capsules with Der Grüne Punkt. Used capsules can be disposed of through the Yellow Bag, Yellow Bin, recycling bins or communal recycling centers. Used Nespresso capsules can be returned at our boutiques.

We are committed to helping to drive the responsible production of aluminium moving forward. We are one of the founders of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) that in 2014 defined the first international Standard for responsible aluminium.

What will we do

Our hermetically sealed aluminium capsules provide the best protection against oxygen, light and humidity. Additional advantages: it eliminates the need for overwrapping, its light weight allows for more sustainable logistics and it is infinitely recyclable.

Nespresso recognises its obligations along the value chain. By the end of 2020 we will expand the collection capacity for our capsules from over 92% to 100% and increase recycling rates. In Germany we have already reached a return capacity of 100%.

How will we do it

Capsule recycling is one of our priorities, since new products can be made from recycled aluminium again and again. This is why we make it as easy as possible for our consumers to recycle their Nespresso capsules: we create new recycling options or collaborate with national or local recycling schemes. Consumer participation is essential in the recycling effort which is why we regularly inform our consumers about the various recycling options through mailings and information material in our boutiques.

Together with our ASI partners we continue to work on the ASI Assurance Model which will define how the new Standard for responsible aluminium will be audited and how certification will be granted.

Quick facts

  1. Nespresso coffee capsules can easily be disposed of

  2. Between 2005 and 2016 the demand for aluminium scrap doubled

  3. The amount of waste produced by capsules is extremely small

  4. The recycling rate of aluminium packaging keeps on rising

  5. Recycled aluminium is used in the car and construction industry

Nespresso has installed over 100,000 dedicated capsule collection points in 44 countries. Additionally, Nespresso has set up Recycling@home initiatives in 18 countries, where used capsules are picked up by the postman or a courier when a new capsule order is delivered.

Nespresso launched its first recycling program for used coffee capsules in Switzerland in 1991. In 2016 we celebrated our 25 year recycling anniversary in Switzerland.

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