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From September 18th to October 10th 2020

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When all flavours meet

Coffee like nothing you’ve tasted before

The 8th edition of the Nespresso Gourmet Weeks will take place from September 18th to October 10th. On this occasion, Nespresso and 20 renowned chefs will celebrate their shared passion for exceptional experiences somewhere near you. What if coffee were used as an ingredient?

Whether it is for an exclusive lunch or dinner, take a seat at the best tables in Switzerland and let yourself be amazed by the creativity and the subtle and surprising harmonies of coffee and haute cuisine. At your service: 16 Michelin stars and 287 Gault&Millau points.

Your taste buds will ask for more!

Each chef will delight you with a creative menu full of surprises for a high-end lunch or dinner. All for an exclusive rate: Fr. 70.- per person for lunch. Fr. 120.- per person for dinner (including Nespresso coffee, excluding drinks)*.

Book your table directly with our partner restaurants by mentioning the words “Nespresso Gourmet Weeks”.

Bon appétit!

*Lunch or dinner according to restaurant conditions

Nespresso Gourmet Weeks
The partner chefs
  • Arno AbächerliAuberge de la Croix Blanche
    Arno Abächerli
    1 Michelin star
    15 Gault&Millau points
    Our cuisine combines traditional and new in a harmonious, flavourful balance. The opportunities that nature and our food offer let me create unique dishes. These change and evolve – just like we do. Or perhaps precisely because of that?
    Auberge de la Croix Blanche
  • Flavio FermiOsteria Tre
    Bad Bubendorf Hotel
    Flavio Fermi
    1 Michelin star
    16 Gault&Millau points
    I cook, I create, I produce, I indulge, I astound, I inspire! Finally, I am a doer: a chef has to put their heart and soul into the role of host!
    Osteria Tre
    Bad Bubendorf Hotel
  • Rolf FuchsRestaurant Panorama Hartlisberg
    Rolf Fuchs
    1 Michelin star
    16 Gault&Millau points
    The Nespresso Gourmet Weeks are something special. Different chefs dedicate themselves to the same theme but still remain true to themselves and their cooking philosophy. New creation and trends arise – an aspect that suits our orientation perfectly. We are a meeting place for joie de vivre with a broad culinary perspective and we let people experience enjoyment.
    Restaurant Panorama Hartlisberg
  • Damien GermanierRestaurant Damien Germanier
    Damien Germanier
    1 Michelin star
    17 Gault&Millau points
    In my restaurant, I aim to offer exceptional products, quality dishes, superior-quality waters and exceptional coffee. The quality and consistency of coffee led me to Nespresso without hesitation.
    Restaurant Damien Germanier
  • Christoph HunzikerSchüpbärg-Beizli
    Christoph Hunziker
    13 Gault&Millau points
    The Nespresso Gourmet Weeks offer us an incentive to combine top gastronomy and exclusive everyday cuisine in a creative way. In our restaurant Schüpbärg-Beizli we live out the philosophy: Not simply good, but simple things done especially well. Selected ingredients, and seasonal and regional produce are keywords for us. This includes enjoying excellent coffee: It is usually the guests' final impression of a restaurant.
  • Serge LabrosseLa Chaumière
    Serge Labrosse
    1 Michelin star
    15 Gault&Millau points
    A generous portion has never prevented creativity!
    La Chaumière
  • Silvia ManserRestaurant Truube
    Silvia Manser
    1 Michelin star
    16 Gault&Millau points
    Whether as a pick-me-up in the morning, to relax after a meal,
    to keep energy levels up when cycling or to get ready for a late evening at work – for me, a fine espresso is the perfect way to round off a successful day.
    Restaurant Truube
  • August MinikusMammertsberg
    August Minikus
    1 Michelin star
    17 Gault&Millau points
    For me, the aroma of freshly ground coffee represents freedom and open-mindedness.
    I find myself using this luxurious ingredient in my dishes, time and time again.
    In Mammertsberg, we celebrate indulgence and hospitality, and for me, that goes hand in hand with a good coffee.
  • Heiko NiederThe Restaurant
    The Dolder Grand
    Heiko Nieder
    2 Michelin stars
    19 Gault&Millau points
    Excellent coffee and top gastronomy go hand in hand, in that the most important thing we need in a gourmet restaurant are products of the highest quality, which is why I also need the highest quality coffee.
    The Restaurant
    The Dolder Grand
  • Maryline NozahicLa Table de Mary
    Maryline Nozahic
    1 Michelin star
    16 Gault&Millau points
    Take a mouthful,
    Close your eyes,
    And let your taste buds revel in the sensations.
    La Table de Mary
  • Marko PrüstelRestaurant Taggenberg
    Marko Prüstel
    14 Gault&Millau points
    Coffee accompanies us throughout the day. For me it's part of my morning ritual, in the afternoon a chance to reflect for a moment, and in the evening the perfect way to end a meal.
    At Taggenberg restaurant, our food is honest, to the point and with a rounded flavour. Accompanied by a great Nespresso coffee and our philosophy: Taggenberg.
    relax, enjoy and feel good
    Coffee means all-round perfection, both in the morning and in the evening.
    Restaurant Taggenberg
  • Domenico RubertoI Due Sud
    Hotel Splendide Royal
    Domenico Ruberto
    16 Gault&Millau points
    My goal in the kitchen is to nurture my guests, not just with food but with emotions.
    I Due Sud
    Hotel Splendide Royal
  • Kay SchultzDer Sonnenberg Restaurant
    Kay Schultz
    It takes a long time, as well as plenty of love and conviction, for a delightful idea to come to fruition. This path can be rediscovered on closer inspection while you're enjoying the meal. Even a cup of coffee takes us on a journey: from a warm welcome in the morning to rounding off a delightful evening at Sonnenberg. For me, the little roasted miracle has become an indispensable part of everyday culinary life.
    Der Sonnenberg Restaurant
  • Jörg SlaschekRestaurant Attisholz
    Le Feu
    Jörg Slaschek
    1 Michelin star
    17 Gault&Millau points
    The consistent quality meets my requirements for a top product – something I truly appreciate.
    Restaurant Attisholz
    Le Feu
  • Lorenzo AlbriciRistorante
    Locanda Orico
    Lorenzo Albrici
    1 Michelin star
    16 Gault&Millau points
    My gastronomic cuisine combines French and Italian flavours, and it's all about quality. I offer light and creative dishes made with very fresh produce, without altering their flavours.
  • Richard StöckliGourmetstübli
    Hotel Restaurant Alpenblick
    Richard Stöckli
    1 Michelin star
    16 Gault&Millau points
    The feeling I get from being in the kitchen every day and pampering our guests with culinary delights is similar to the rush of a good, high-quality coffee
    in the morning it awakens the senses, making you feel energised and ready for the adventures of the day ahead, while in the evening it's the icing on the cake that rounds off a successful day.
    Both are real pleasures and sources of true joy.
    Hotel Restaurant Alpenblick
  • Yoann CalouéLe Flacon
    Yoann Caloué
    1 Michelin star
    15 Gault&Millau points
    "It doesn't matter what bottle as long as we get the coffee."
    "Beyond the daily energy it gives me, I appreciate coffee for the finesse and variety of its flavours. Intense, round or fruity, it can be enjoyed like a wine."
    Le Flacon
  • Thomas NeeserGrand Hôtel du Lac
    Les Saisons
    Thomas Neeser
    1 Michelin star
    16 Gault&Millau points
    "For me, a good coffee is a synonym for a good day, a moment of pure pleasure.
    Whether privately or professionally, I appreciate quality and perfection."
    Grand Hôtel du Lac
    Les Saisons
  • Stefan HeilemannWidder
    Stefan Heilemann
    "Selecting the right products is the foundation of our cuisine. Perfection can only be attained with the very best ingredients. So it's great that with Nespresso we've found a partner which makes its coffee specialities according to the same founding principles."
  • Pascal SteffenRoots
    Pascal Steffen
    1 Michelin star
    17 Gault&Millau points
    "Vegetables play the main role in our kitchen - but fish and meat still play an important secondary role. We look forward to surprising our guests in harmony with the noble Nespresso coffee."
Culinary, Heiko Nieder’s and Edgard Bovier’s pictures © Pedro Ribeiro Photography