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Essenza Plus

Coffee plus much more

The classic
espresso experience

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All Nespresso capsules are recyclable
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Essenza Plus
Essenza Plus
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Discover Essenza plus

Now, it’s easier than ever to prepare all your favourite espresso-based recipes with or without milk. Need hot water? It’s done. You can also reorder capsules as you need them, thanks to the smart integrated button. Essenza Plus even sends out an alert when it needs descaling for true peace of mind. With two designs to choose from, Essenza Plus is a beautiful way to get a little more from every cup.
Coffee recipes
Hot water option
One-touch order
Descaling alert

Reorder capsules at a single touch

Running low on your favourite coffee?
Press the One-Touch Order button on your machine and your order is set*! New capsules will be delivered to your home**. With Essenza Plus, you’ll never miss out on the full Nespresso experience.
*Wi-Fi internet should be available to activate the « One Touch » order feature.
**Delivery times and service availability dependent on your region.
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Essenza Plus & Aeroccino

Use Aeroccino 3 milk frother with Essenza Plus and open a door to the delights of coffee and milk-based recipes. With the Aeroccino, you can instantly prepare light and creamy milk froth. Hot or cold? With or without froth? The choice is yours! Keep it simple or let your creativity flow.

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bundle with Aeroccino

The classic espresso experience

Savour a perfectly created Espresso, Lungo or Americano, with intense, balanced and fruity aromas, all with a single touch.
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What does 19-bar mean?
All the Nespresso machines are equipped with a 19-bar pressure pump, which provides the power needed to pierce the film of the capsule and release the coffee’s 900 or so different aromas.

The shape of the Nespresso capsules has been specifically designed to ensure that the pressurized water flows evenly through the ground coffee during extraction. The temperature and flow time are also set to ensure that each precious aroma is expressed.
How often do I need to descale my machine?
Descaling frequency will depend on your water hardness & amount of use. The machine will notify you when a descaling is necessary with the descaling LED on the machine.
What kind of beverages can I prepare with the machine?
With Essenza Plus, you can prepare several coffee beverages using only 3 buttons:

Espresso (40ml), Lungo (110ml), Americano (150ml) and Americano XL (200ml) and hot water for tea preparation.

All the coffee beverages are preprogrammed with factory settings but can be reprogrammed to fit one’s taste.
What is an americano recipe?
An americano is a long and mild coffee prepared with 25 ml of coffee followed by 125 ml of hot water.

This preparation reduces the harshness and bitter aftertaste of the drink. Coffee becomes smooth, sweet and round while keeping its intrinsic character. We recommend preparing americanos with any capsule extracted at 25 ml.
What is an americano XL recipe?
The americano XL was created especially for americano drinkers. It is prepared by blending 40 ml of coffee with160 ml of hot water. For best results, we recommend using Lungo capsules (and Master Origin coffees) extracted at 40 ml.
Why am I having trouble pairing my smartphone with the machine?
For pairing, the level of Bluetooth emission is lowered to avoid your machine being paired with other machines in the environment. The device must be no more than 20cm (max) from the machine. Make sure Bluetooth is activated on your device, your machine is turned on, you are close enough to your machine and that the machine you are trying to pair with is an Essenza Plus.

Check the ‘first use” how-to video on (ADD LINK WHEN AVAILABLE).

The following steps may help you solve a pairing issue:
  1. Check that no other mobile device is currently running the application.
  2. Stop the Nespresso application.
  3. Remove the Essenza Plus machine from the Bluetooth settings.
  4. Restart your device.
  5. Factory reset the machine. See further explanations below.
  6. Check that your device is compatible with the machine. Visit: XXXX
If pairing still does not work, it may be due to the environment. For example, having lots of Bluetooth devices or a running a microwave oven close to the machine could cause connectivity unreliability. If the problem persists, please contact Nespresso for further assistance.
Why did the One-Touch Order button turn orange?
After pressing the One-Touch order button, it may turn orange for several seconds.
  • Make sure the machine is connected to the Wi-Fi. You can check the connectivity status of the machine via the app.
  • Check that an order is configured and linked to the machine via the app.
  • Check if an order is already ongoing. The One-Touch Order button will reactivate once your current order has shipped.
  • There may be a checkout error (out of stock, payment issue, etc.)
Why are the 4 buttons blinking alternatively?
There is a firmware update in progress. Please wait a few minutes until the update has been completed. During this time, the machine cannot be used. Once the update has been completed, the blinking will stop and the machine will switch off.
How do I enable the factory reset for my machine?
First, turn the machine off by pressing the Espresso and Lungo button simultaneously.
Then, press and hold the Espresso button for 5 seconds. LED’s will blink three times to confirm the machine has been reset to factory settings. The machine will then switch off automatically. The reset to factory settings can also be done through the app.
How do I switch my machine off?
Turn the machine off by pressing the Espresso and Lungo button simultaneously.

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