A guide to Brazilian coffee

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A guide to Brazilian coffee

Discover Brazilian coffee at its finest. Learn about the aromas, flavours and more that go into growing, harvesting and producing your favourite coffee blends.

Brazilian Coffee

Finding the right coffee blend and balance of flavours is not always easy. Our coffee experts here at Nespresso have put together a guide to Brazilian coffee.

We’ll take you on a guided tour of our Brazilian coffees, sharing with you the blends that feature coffee from Brazil.

Coffee beans – a taste of Brazil

Brazil has been a leader in coffee production for more than 150 years. Brazilian coffee growers are among the best in the world, growing, harvesting and producing Arabicas that end up in coffee cups around the globe.

At Nespresso, we have an extensive range of Brazilian coffee, from blends that focus solely on maximising the flavours of Brazil, through to blends that use Brazilian coffee to balance and bring out flavours from other coffee producing regions, like Colombia.

Passionate about coffee

Our coffee experts are passionate about creating coffee. Join us on a journey through Brazilian coffee.

Learn more about the aromas, flavours and how they contribute to the coffee capsules you enjoy in your home.

Harvested where it’s grown

Our coffee is harvested and processed in Brazil. It’s pulped, fermented, washed and dried where it’s grown.

We transport the seed of the coffee cherry (called the green bean) to Nespresso’s roasting facilities in Switzerland. It’s then blended and roasted to our precise standards. Finally, it’s ground and encapsulated, ready for your enjoyment.

Most of Nespresso’s coffees are harvested by hand, guaranteeing the best quality beans. Any that are too green or overripe are removed.

When you select aNespresso , you know you are getting the best. Nespresso coffee is blended almost like a type of magical alchemy. Our panel cuppers are intensively trained, tested, certified and re-certified every 3 months for their ability to identify quality. We look beyond just the physical attributes of the bean, examining variety, terroir and care in cultivation.

Our Brazilian coffee flavours and blends are captured in our specially designed hermetically sealed aluminium capsule, designed to lock in freshness.

You really are getting the full tastes and flavours of Brazil when you select a Nespresso coffee with Brazilian origin.


Diavolitto – highly intense and powerful. A high intensity Espresso for coffee aficionados. The Central and South America Robusta beans and Brazilian Arabica coffee beans deliver an aroma that hints at oak wood and leather with a creamy texture.

Voltesso – lightly roasted, Voltesso is a balanced, round coffee with biscuity notes and a distinctly sweet aroma. The sweet, light and biscuity fragrance is achieved with Brazilian Bourbon coffee beans.

Decaffeinato Intenso – an intense decaffeinated Espresso with body. Using unwashed Brazilian Arabica beans, Nespresso is able to create a unique blend that balances cocoa and fruity notes beautifully.

Decaffeinato Ontuoso – a light bodied coffee with a refined simplicity. The malty cereal notes are possible with the combination of Arabicas from Brazil and Colombia. Adding milk brings out a caramelised honey-like note.

Melozio – using fine quality and lightly roasted Brazilian Bourbon and Central American Arabicas, Nespresso creates a rounded coffee, smooth and perfectly balanced.

Hazelino Muffin – a delicious hazelnut flavoured coffee, the Hazelino Muffin combines split roasted beans from Brazil and Ethiopia. It reveals notes of biscuits and almond.

Caramel Cookie – this blend brings together split roasted Brazilian and Ethiopian Arabica infused with notes of coconut, almond and biscuits. It creates a smooth and balanced coffee with a sweeter taste and a distinct aroma.

Vanilla Custard Pie – the vanilla flavours in this coffee add a velvety layer of taste in this smooth blend of Brazilian and Ethiopian Arabica coffee beans.


Ispirazione Palermo Kazaar – a coffee capsule of incredible intensity. A powerful bitterness and notes of pepper, balanced by a full and creamy texture. The Brazilian Robusta is naturally sun dried exclusively for Nespresso and rare washed Robustas bring intensity to this unusual blend.

Ispirazione Ristretto Italiano – a powerful and contrasting blend of some of the best South American Arabicas from sources like Brazil and Colombia. The strong roasted notes are softened by notes of chocolate.

Ispirazione Roma – described as woody and intense, the Brazilian Arabica and Robusta give sweet and woody notes and a lingering taste on the palate.

Capriccio – using South American Arabicas grown at high altitude provides a blend with light acidity, balanced with the perfect amount of Brazilian Arabica and a touch of Robusta. A rich aroma and a distinctive cereal note.

Volluto – sweet and light, this capsule is a blend of pure and lightly roasted Brazilian and Colombian Arabicas. Sweet and biscuity flavours, with a little acidity and a fruity note. The beans used to make this blend come from small plantations known for producing very high quality coffee and are grown in respect of the local environment and traditions.

Vivalto Lungo – known as a complex and contrasting blend, the Vivalto is a balanced coffee made from South American Arabicas. These are grown at a high altitude and provide a light acidity. The Cerrado coffee from Brazil offers character and bitterness.

Linizio Lungo – the Arabicas from Brazil and Colombia used in this blend are handpicked. The Brazil Bourbon beans are washed, depulped and dried in the sun with their mucilage, longer roasting resulting in a darker bean with malted cereal notes.

Ispirazione Ristretto Italiano Decaffeinato – powerful and contrasting with a hint of fruit. A selection of the best South American Arabicas and East African Arabicas is sophisticatedly blended with a touch of Robusta. Its finely ground texture creates an Italian style coffee: intense with a rich flavour and body.

Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio Decaffeinato – intense and creamy this blend is dark roasted and rich in flavour. Using the best Arabicas from Brazil and Costa Rica the blend boasts intense, cocoa-like notes

Volluto Decaffeinato – sweet and smooth. The Arabica beans from Brazil and Colombia are roasted lightly and separately to highlight their differences and reveal the sweet biscuity, fresh and fruity notes. The shorter roast allows the sweet biscuity notes of the Brazilian Arabica to come through.

Nicaragua with ‘Black-Honey’ processing – a smooth honeyed texture and sweet cereal notes, all down to the rare Black-Honey process.

For the professional baristas seeking a true Brazilian blend, the Espresso Origin Brazil professional coffee capsule offers sweet and satiny cereal notes, transporting you to southern Brazil’s hilltop plantations.

Try for yourself

Next time you’re ordering your capsules online or visit instore, sample some capsules from our guide and taste test your way through Brazil.

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