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Gran Lungo
Decaffeinato Ontuoso
  • 4
  • Gran Lungo 150 ML

Decaffeinato Ontuoso is a light bodied coffee characterised by its refined simplicity. The malty cereal notes are unfolded thanks to the marriage of Arabicas from Brazil and Colombia. The addition of milk brings out a caramelised note reminiscent of honey.

Ref: 7376.40

Unwashed Brazilian Cerrado and washed Colombian Arabicas are combined to unfold this round decaffeinated coffee with malted cereal notes typical of its two origins.
This Vertuo coffee capsule’s Arabica coffees are carefully decaffeinated and then split roasted. We give those Brazilian beans a lengthy roast at medium temperatures to develop the cereal note. The second split is a lighter and shorter roast. It rounds out the Decaffeinato Ontuoso blend and develops the aromatics.
Decaffeinato Ontuoso is an Arabica coffee blend of dry processed Brazilian coffee and Washed Colombian coffees. Both these origins offer that typical cereal note that makes this a really rounded Vertuo coffee.
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