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Purchase a Nespresso machine for $1.

One subscription to discover the world of Nespresso.

Enjoy the ultimate coffee experience with a 12-month Coffee Machine Subscription Plan that includes a machine and access to the range of Nespresso coffee and accessories for a monthly fee.


Step 1

Select your preferred Coffee Machine Subscription Plan below and proceed to checkout.

Step 2

Pay $1 for your selected machine and your first monthly fee.

Step 3

Once your coffee machine is dispatched your first monthly fee will be credited to your account.
Please allow 24 hours for your credit to be active on your account.

Step 4

Enjoy spending your monthly fee on any Nespresso products including coffee and accessories.



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12 MONTH MINIMUM TERM. Early termination fees apply. Total min costs depend on plan and are $481 -$40 plan, $601 - $50 plan, $721 -$60 plan or $781 -$65 plan, $901 - $75 plan. Credit appears on account up to 5 days after activation.
Click here to see full T&C’s

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a new way of on boarding and welcoming you to the world of Nespresso, with an offer for a machine of your choice at a very low price. This offer comes with a 12-months contract: each month you will pay a fee. Your monthly fee becomes credit of the same amount that you can use to buy whatever Nespresso product you want and build your own coffee experience. You can use them to buy Nespresso coffee and accessories.

The cost of the machine is $1. The monthly fee covers the cost of coffee or accessories that you get every month. It is not to cover the cost of the machine. Do not forget that you can use the full amount that you pay every month to buy coffee or accessories, in a very flexible manner. To sum up, the $780 will be for you to use over the next 12 months. At the end, we will convert your remaining credit to Nespresso coffee capsules or accessories.

Yes, you will own the machine from day 1 of the start of your subscription and delivery of the machine to you.


When you agree to the terms and conditions of your subscription plan, you also become member of the Nespresso Club. This generates a Nespresso Club Member number. The Credit is applied, every month, upon the payment of the monthly fee, directly and automatically on your Nespresso account (you have nothing to do and you can check your Club Credits online on your profile at Nespresso.com, by calling Nespresso, or visiting a Boutique).

Nespresso Credit (paid from the linked Debit/Credit Card) will be added to your Nespresso account that is linked to your Membership each month within 5 business days of receipt of the Monthly Fee in cleared funds.

Yes. Club Credits can be accumulated for 12 months to buy whenever you want. You do not have to use up your credit every month. In addition, you can also use your credit only partially, it will still carry over. Club Credits will even be valid for up to 12-month, after that we will convert any unused credit into capsules or accessories for you to use.

If you have a change of mind on the offer, there will be a cancellation fee.
Please refer to terms and conditions for cancellation fees ( https://www.nespresso.com/au/en/legal ).

Cancellation fees apply depending on the Subscription offer chosen.
Please refer to terms and conditions for cancellation fees ( https://www.nespresso.com/au/en/legal ).

You will benefit from free standard deliveries (on 50 capsules or more) for the duration of your contract (12 months). Please, note that there will still be a minimal order quantity of 50 capsules, as this is the minimum size of the packages that we use for shipping (to guarantee that the items arrive to you in good conditions). Once your contract ends (or in case of early cancellation on your part) you will need to order at least 100 capsules to benefit from free standard delivery.

If you already have a coffee machine, you might be interested in our coffee subscription plans.