Nespresso Bulk Recycling Program

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Nespresso Bulk Recycling Program

We offer a free of charge collection service to our customers seeking to collect used aluminium capsules on behalf of their workplace or community under the Nespresso Bulk Recycling Program. 

Participate in the Bulk Recycling Program in 3 easy steps


Call us on 1800 623 033 to order a complimentary recycling kit

Call us nowFree phone number


Collect up to 1,500 capsules in the same recycling box

Nespresso capsule bulk recyclying trash bin


Once your Bulk Recycling Box has reached the black fill line, arrange pickup online at no cost to you

Organise a pick-upVisit our courier's website to organise a pick-up

Bulk Recycling Kit details

  • Each Bulk Recycling Kit includes 3 large recycling boxes
  • Each large recycling box can hold up to 1,500 used Nespresso aluminium Professional and in-home capsules
  • Box dimensions (WxDxH): 30.5cm x 30.5cm x 61cm

How to arrange collection of a full Bulk Recycling Box

Once your Bulk Recycling Box has reached the black fill line, follow these easy steps to organise a pickup to Nespresso’s recycling facility at no cost to you:

  1. Prepare your box for collection by the sealing the box liner with the provided cable tie and taping both the lid and bottom of the box.
  2. Complete the following form to arrange a pick-upVisit our courier's website to organise a pickup by our courier. There is no limit to the quantity of boxes that can be collected.
  3. You will be contacted by phone within 48hrs to confirm the time and location of pick-up. Please note drivers will not collect boxes unless the plastic liner is sealed with the cable tie; and the box lid and bottom is secured with tape.
  4. Our courier will arrive at the designated location to collect your box. You must be present for pick-up.

If you experience any trouble returning your Nespresso Bulk Recycling Box, please call us on 1800 623 033Free phone number.

If you are a Nespresso Professional customer and would like to participate in the bulk recycling program, find out more on Professional.