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Taking care
of our backyard

Nespresso is proud to partner with environmental restoration organisation, Greening Australia, over the coming years to help create essential habitat for some of Australia’s iconic and threatened animals and build resilience into landscapes in the face of climate change.

Nespresso x Greening Australia

In the first year of the partnership, Greening Australia will plant 36,000 trees and shrubs with Nespresso, as part of the former's Great Southern Landscapes program. These plantings will restore 12 hectares of Eucalypt overstory in areas of degraded wet and damp forests in Victoria’s Gippsland region.

About Greening Australia

The plantings are scientifically targeted to increase habitat connectivity for the genetically significant Strzelecki Koala and the nationally threatened Great Glider – with co-benefits for many other species native to the area. For example, the project will also benefit the Superb Lyrebird and contribute to water quality improvements for the Ramsar-listed Corner Inlet.

The work will build on years of existing plantings undertaken by Greening Australia in the region, creating linkages between patches of vital habitat in the landscape.