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Reviving Origins | The Art of Sustainable Coffee


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George Clooney and Lin-Manuel Miranda discuss the impact of the Nespresso REVIVING ORIGINS program and coffee farming in Puerto Rico.


Coffee has been a part of Puerto Rico’s rich culture and heritage for generations, but in 2017, hurricanes Maria and Irma destroyed more than 80 percent of the island’s coffee harvest and trees. Working alongside the Hispanic Federation, TechnoServe, and others, Nespresso is helping coffee farmers, like Zuleyka Lugo, and their communities, replant their land, reclaim their futures and restore Puerto Rico’s incredible coffee industry.

Our efforts in Puerto Rico are part of the Nespresso REVIVING ORIGINS program, which helps revitalize coffee production in farming regions that are under threat due to political conflict, economic hardship or environmental disasters.

What is Nespresso doing to help


Nespresso’s $1 million commitment in Puerto Rico enables TechnoServe to train and mentor farmers in critical agronomic and business skills. These efforts will help 1,500 farmers improve their crop yields and increase their incomes.

Learning together improves the way we produce coffee, but more importantly, it builds community.

- Zuleyka Lugo, Farmer & Trainer, TechnoServe


Every dollar donated to the Hispanic Federation helps to plant one new coffee tree on the island, with the power to revive the land and help farmers and communities prosper.

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What is Nespresso doing to help

What we’ve done so far

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In October 2018, with the Hispanic Federation, Lin-Manuel Miranda and others, Nespresso committed $1 million and helped launch a three-year initiative to revitalize Puerto Rico’s coffee sector damaged by hurricanes Maria and Irma.

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Since launching the initiative, TechnoServe has hired and trained local professionals, including Zuleyka Lugo, to be farmer trainers. Over 280 farmers across four major coffee producing regions have started attending monthly, hands-on training sessions that put their skills in to practice on a local plot of land.

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In early 2019, George Clooney visited Puerto Rico, toured José Arroyo’s coffee farm and discussed building a more resilient coffee sector.

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Nespresso recently joined the Hispanic Federation’s efforts to help farmers like José Arroyo continue to rebuild their farms by committing to plant 2.25 million new coffee trees in Puerto Rico.

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Coffee farmer José Arroyo enjoyed the first taste of Nespresso’s limited edition Cafecito de Puerto Rico, which launched in October 2019. More Nespresso Puerto Rican coffee is expected in 2020.


Thank you to all who added this limited edition Puerto Rico recycling bag to their orders; they are now sold out. By recycling with this bag you have shown your support for our efforts to revitalize coffee farms in Puerto Rico. Every recycling bag represents one new coffee tree that will be planted on the island, with the power to revive the land and help farmers and communities prosper. The bag features original artwork entitled Inspiration by Puerto Rican artist Gerardo Cloquell.

You can still give your capsules a second life by adding the standard recycling bag to your cart and returning your fully recyclable capsules to us through the UPS Drop-off Program. The aluminum is recycled into other items like pens and bicycles, and the used coffee grounds are composted to create soil. To see our recycling process in action, click here.

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