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Coffee (7.8 oz)
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  • Mug 7.77 fl.oz
Floral & Velvety

Giornio coffee first expresses toasted cereal tones, followed by subtle white floral notes characteristic of Ethiopian Arabica; this is awakened by the acidity of Kenyan Arabica. All are harmoniously combined in this medium roasted morning blend.

With milk, acidity from the Kenyan Arabica brings a smooth sweetness to the coffee.

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The floral aromatic profile of this morning blend is brought to the fore by two different Ethiopian Arabicas: delicate floral notes unfold thanks to the washed Sidamo beans, while unwashed Mokaboji coffee reveal wilder, heavier floral notes. Washed Kenyan Arabica adds acidity and maintains the aromatics of the profile.
Giornio coffee is roasted in two splits. The Ethiopian origins are roasted shorter yet lighter to enhance the white and wild floral notes. The second split of Kenyan origins is roasted longer and darker to support the body to this coffee.
The medium body of the blend is obtained by light roasting the Arabicas and completed with a longer contact of coffee with water during the infusion.