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BARISTA Scuro Vertuo Coffee
  • 7
  • Coffee 7.77 oz
For a robust, full-bodied Reverso Forte

Inspired by the baristas’ craftsmanship in mastering the perfect harmony of coffee with milk, BARISTA Scuro is a new Limited Edition blend, the recipe for which was especially crafted by Nespresso experts to prepare an intense, strong in flavour Reverso Forte recipe. It keeps its strong, flavorful, full-bodied coffee character when combined with milk.

Intensity: a medium-to-dark roasted blend of intensity 7 when black, that keeps its strong character when combined with milk.

Insider tip: Add 1.7 oz of cold milk to cup before brewing your 8 oz coffee. The distinctive and generous coffee crema combines with milk to create a smooth and tasty treat. Even with milk the coffee keeps its strong, flavorful, full-bodied character.

*Capsule does not contain any milk ingredients

Unwashed Arabica beans from Brazil and washed Arabia from the Cundinamarca region of Colombia amongst other origins.
A strong character medium-to-dark blend of split-roasted, and finely ground coffees.
Rich complex aromas of dark roast, and bitter chocolate.