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Gran Lungo - Americano
Arondio Gran Lungo (5 oz)
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  • Gran Lungo 150 ML
Cereal & Mild

Created from Colombian Arabicas and a touch of Guatemalan Robusta, Arondio is a medium roasted blend with distinct cereal notes. The subtle acidity brings a surprising touch to this mild coffee.

The addition of milk softens the cereal notes while keeping an enchanting character.

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Cereal and mild notes arise thanks to the washed Colombian Arabicas blended together with unwashed Guatemalan Robusta that accentuates the cereal character and the intensity of the coffee.
A split-roasted coffee, Colombian Arabicas are light and long roasted to bring roundness and cereal notes. The intensity is reinforced thanks to the small quantity of dark and long roasted Guatemalan Robusta.
The very high temperature and the intermediate flow enhance the cereal notes and the intensity of Arondio.