Let's fill in this glass with an iced coffee recipe!

The Barista Creations for ice

When you don't want to hit "restart" or "rewind" on your day--why not go for "refresh"? Introducing Nespresso Barista Creations: Freddo Intenso and Freddo Delicato: the coffees especially made for ice.

Fizzy Iced

Create your own iced coffee recipe with Freddo Delicato and give it a fizzy sensation by following the steps of this Nespresso signature recipe.

  1. Add 90g of ice cubes in a recipe glass.
  2. (Optional) Pour 10ml of White Peach Monin Syrup.
  3. Extract 1 capsule of Freddo Delicato (40ml) over it

Ready to drink it!

Iced Rosemary latte

Dreaming of an indulgent refreshing coffee recipe? Experience Freddo Intenso with our special iced latte twist.

  1. In a separate cup, prepare 1 capsule of Freddo Intenso (40ml) over a rosemary leaf (then remove the leaf).
  2. Add 90g of ice in the recipe glass.
  3. Pour 10ml Salted Caramel Monin Syrup (optional).
  4. Prepare your cold milk froth with your Aeroccino or Barista Device and add it into the recipe glass.
  5. Finally, pour your prepared Nespresso coffee in your recipe glass.

Iced Summer Coffee Recipes
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