Beat the heat and stay cool this summer with our iced coffee recipes

New coffee creations

Nespresso presents its newest creations for summer, inspired by different coffee cultures. Their way of life, which makes it feel like summer all year round, inspired us to create exclusive iced coffee recipes.
Perfect for hot weather, these iced drinks allow you to enjoy your coffee, even in the summer. For a touch of originality, Nespresso has created recipes that mix flavors, associated with sweet, tart or sparkling touches… to please everyone's tastes. Let's discover two examples below!

Coffee N’Pink grapefruit tonic

Do you like coffee and citrus? This recipe is made for you!

  1. Place 6 ice cubes in a VIEW Recipe Glass
  2. Pour 10ml Grapefruit syrup
  3. Add 80ml Tonic water
  4. Pour 150ml of VERTUO Aflorazio to the glass
  5. Top preparation with some grapefruit pieces

Ready to drink it!

Sunrise swim

Ready to test the marriage of coffee with mint and lemon?

  1. Place 4 ice cubes in a VIEW Recipe Glass
  2. Pour 10ml Edelflower syrup
  3. Add 3 mint leaves to the glass and 2 lime dices
  4. Pour 90ml lemonade (Less sweet Alternative with sparkling water)
  5. Pour 25ml of ORIGINAL Ristretto to the glass
  6. Top preparation with some mint leaves

Ready to enjoy it!
Discover more recipes below in our selection of iced coffee recipes!

Iced Summer Coffee Recipes
Taste the Australian Summer
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