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Discover your motivation and develop your signature working style

Each of us possess different motivations at work-what drives you to excel? Here's a simple guide to help you better understand what drives your signature style, and set you on the path towards becoming the best version of yourself.

Access your actions at work

Consider the following scenarios and choose the response that best describes you.

At work, the most important thing is...

These qualities best describe me...

When my team encounters a difficulty, I am most likely to say...

The work activities that I enjoy the most involve...

When I'm at an event with people I'm meeting for the first time, I am most likely to...

Discover your personal motivations

Were your choices mostly As, Bs or Cs? If your choices are split evenly between more than one category, perhaps you draw motivation from multiple sources. You might also apply different working styles during different situations, so consider which category applies to you most often.
Click on the tabs to reveal your signature working style!

Mostly As, you are motivated most by


You love winning and thrive on opportunities that prove your skills and abilities.

Achievement-motivated people can be defined as seekers of excellence. Your desire to be the best is not necessarily about outperforming others; you are more concerned with outdoing your personal best.

While you celebrate every success, you prefer chasing down new and more challenging goals as soon as you cross a milestone. Your insatiable desire to improve yourself is the engine that keeps you going, at work and in life.

Take your signature style to the next level. Check out these tips to inspire you to give your best effort every day.

Your signature style:
The Achievement-motivated


Proactively set clear and measurable goals for yourself and work towards achieving them.

Enhance your productivity by tracking metrics, such as sales, productivity, or other quantifiable accomplishments.

These figures will help you monitor your progress, identify weak areas that require attention and build momentum to achieve your next level of success.

"Instead of waiting for the year-end evaluation with your boss, you can keep your motivation going by checking in regularly with your direct superior, taking steps to set new goals along the way."

May Han, Business Executive Officer, Nespresso Singapore

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