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5 Ways Coffee Fuels Your Organisation

Employees are the bedrock of success for many companies, which makes investing in them one of the best ways to drive your organisation forward. We explore the role coffee can play in keeping your employees happy and working at their best.


Improves productivity

One of the most popular breakfast beverages around the world, coffee can provide a much-welcomed energy boost to help employees shake off morning fatigue and improve their ability to concentrate at work1.

Having coffee at the workplace can help employees:

Combat tiredness with a boost of energy1

Stay productive throughout the workday


Cultivates better working relationships

Good interpersonal relationships between employees are key to building a positive and productive work culture. Mid-day coffee breaks provide the perfect opportunity for colleagues to interact and get to know each other better2, fostering stronger friendships at work3.

 Employees with close friends in the workplace are

Employees with close friends in the workplace are

seven times

as likely to be engaged in their job4.


Builds a positive image

Businesses could showcase their culture at every point of employee interaction, down to the type of refreshments stocked in the pantry5.

Serving premium coffee reinforces a company’s dedication to the pursuit of quality3


Contributes to employee wellbeing

Companies today are increasingly focused on improving the wellbeing of their employees—and for good reason; a happy team improves productivity, fosters creativity and minimises turnover rate6.

Offering thoughtful perks such as coffee can:

Help relieve work stress

Ensure that your employees feel valued6

87% of employees

think that having Nespresso Professional in the office shows the employer cares about its employees3


Boosts employee performance

Having adaptable employees ensures companies stay competitive in today’s fast-paced era.

Coffee enhances this trait by:

Speeding up the time taken to identify words and phrases1

Improving the ability to process information, raising workplace performance1

Whether you're looking to boost productivity or improve workplace performance, having a good cup of coffee available is a good place to begin.

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