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Uncovering 3 Top Job Factors Employees Value Most Today

Top talent is sought after by employers everywhere. According to research, high performers are up to eight times more productive and can help boost business performance dramatically. What can HR professionals do to attract and retain talented employees?

Understanding employee expectations is key to getting top talent on board. Here are three insights that reveal what employees really want, and suggestions to help you better align their expectations with your organisation’s goals.

1. Positive work-life balance

60% of employees in Singapore consider work-life balance to be essential to their jobs

Work-life balance can be defined as a state of equilibrium in which an employee’s professional and personal lives are equally fulfilled. In Singapore, work-life balance is regarded as a priority—60% of the workforce would consider resigning if there was a lack of work-life options.

As a result, more companies in Singapore are offering positive work-life balance through the provision of flexible work arrangements. 89% of employers here are supportive of work-life arrangements to help their employees cope with the demands of their work and personal commitments.

With new technology advancements, companies may also offer greater flexibility in the form of telecommuting to help employees maintain a positive work-life balance. By providing flexible work arrangements, you can empower employees, especially those who need to juggle multiple responsibilities, to strike a balance between their work and personal responsibilities more effectively.

2. Pleasant work environment

Nearly half of younger Singaporeans seek a pleasant work atmosphere

A pleasant work atmosphere is where employees feel confident and driven to perform. While every worker appreciates a positive work environment, this quality is regarded as most desirable by 48% of Gen-Z job seekers.

As more Gen-Z workers enter the workforce, the demand for a pleasant work environment will continue to grow. Here are some suggestions to help employees enjoy their time at work:

  • Create a sense of community by organising social activities that promote workplace friendships, such as monthly birthday gatherings or team lunches where people can catch up with one another.
  • Celebrate achievements in the office. Some companies throw “workversary” parties for employees who pass the one-year mark to recognize their accomplishments on the job. Other approaches and gestures of gratitude, such having a noticeboard where heartfelt thank-you notes, can contribute towards promoting a positive environment and make employees feel valued.
  • Provide simple workplace perks that employees want. For instance, complimentary coffee and hot beverages rank among the top three workplace perks most popular amongst 85% of Gen-Z workers. Having a coffee machine in your office provides that much-appreciated productivity boost, encourages conversations between people during coffee breaks, and shows employees that you care for their well-being.

3. Career advancement opportunities

Lack of career growth—a top reason why workers leave their jobs

Singapore employees across all age groups, from Gen-X to millennial to Gen-Y workers, cited poor growth opportunities as the primary reason for leaving their jobs. This trend shows the crucial role development opportunities play in the retention of employees.

Beyond current responsibilities, employees need to know what lays ahead, so they have a goal to aspire towards. That’s why a clear career progression path is so important.

A good place to begin would be gaining a keen understanding of your company’s short-, mid-, and long-term goals. Having discussions with the management can provide a clearer picture of where the organisation is heading, revealing deeper insights into what relevant skill sets are needed, how they match up with each employee’s strengths, and what can be done to advance and align them to the organisation’s future goals.

Infuse distinct flavour in your offerings

While we have shared the top three job factors that employees look for in an ideal employer, the list is not definitive. We understand that every company is different; each has its own unique set of goals to achieve in the recruitment and retention of top talent.

There is certainly more than one way in which your organisation can offer the benefits described above. The key lies in finding the right blend of compensation, incentives and benefits that supports what the company aims to achieve, while inspiring your employees to do better inside and outside of work.

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