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Professional Nespresso coffee machines for your business.

Enjoy the authenticity and refinement of coffee inspired by the roasting rituals and specific preparation techniques of Italy, with professional Nespresso espresso machines, perfect for offices, hotels, and restaurants! Delight your customers and partners with an authentic and exceptional experience.

  • Dense coffee cream

    Let yourself be enchanted by
    the coffee cream

  • 3 extraction methods available

    Ristretto, Espresso
    & Lungo

  • Personalized events

    Rent espresso machines
    for events

  • 100% recyclable capsules

    Made of aluminum
    (~80% recycled)

Professional Nespresso coffee machines

At the heart of any professional environment, the binder of social relationships and an engine of creativity is an coffee machine that takes coffee to excellence. Nespresso coffee machines distinguish themselves by preparing a coffee that offers the balance between body, aromatic notes, acidity and bitter taste that they extract in the ideal cup of coffee.

The coffee machine for offices, restaurants, cafes or hotels uses superior technology that allows each recipe to be prepared every time at the same parameters, but infinitely easier and with the same consistency of quality in each cup.

Professional coffee machines for companies & offices

Nespresso Professional coffee machines add added value to your business.

Combining optimized design with state-of-the-art technology, all our professional coffee machines are reliable and efficient, equipped with an exclusive coffee extraction system, for simple brewing and quickly Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo or any recipe based on fresh milk.

Preparing a professional coffee is simple and intuitive. All you have to do is choose your favorite coffee variety and insert the professional capsule into the machine.

The coffee machine uses optimal parameters, such as water pressure and temperature, to precisely extract all the aromatic notes and obtain an incomparable cream.

Various range of professional coffee machines

Nespresso Professional solutions are designed in the same way as any business solution: modular, customized, integrated. Thus, for an office with a small number of employees, for meeting rooms, reception areas or for guest rooms in hotels, a compact coffee machine, such as Zenius coffee machine. Thanks to the rapid water heating function, it is ready for use in about 35 seconds and can make up to 70 coffees per hour.

Momento coffee machine has a modular and configurable system, recommended for spaces where it is necessary to prepare a greater number of coffees, with more options. This coffee machine for restaurants, cafes, conference rooms and companies with a large number of employees can be connected directly to a water source, but also has a water tank.

Coffee machine and coffee subscription for offices and HoReCa

The Nespresso Professional subscription is an efficient and flexible long-term solution for coffee and is configured according to the needs of the business you own, whether it is an office premises or you operate in the HoReCa field. The Nespresso subscription includes your favorite coffee machine, predefined amount of professional coffee capsules, for coffee and various services designed to make the Nespresso experience memorable.

The quantity and varieties of coffee can be adjusted along the way by you, in the created account, but to choose the coffee machine and its options, we recommend you to contact us via the online form or by phone 0800 008 500, from Monday to Friday, between 09 :00-18:00, by free call from any network, on the territory of Romania.

Technical support for Coffee Machines

The coffee machine maintenance and descaling kits are included in the Nespresso Professional Subscription at no extra cost. Nespresso offers you comprehensive maintenance for professional coffee machines, at your premises, which includes both installation, troubleshooting and water quality analysis.

While the coffee machine is under repair, we provide you with another Nespresso coffee machine with the same technical characteristics as your Nespresso coffee machine.

To guarantee optimal performance of the Nespresso professional coffee machine, we recommend that you carry out a decalcification process every 3-4 months.

How to purchase professional Nespresso machine Zenius

You can order Nespresso professional coffee machine Zenius, online, directly from the section dedicated to machines.

For customized solutions and more long-term efficiency, we recommend contacting an advisor and choosing a subscription that includes a coffee plan. You can manage your plan contacting us, and for additional orders you can use website.

For performing businesses regardless of industry

Personalized coffee solutions

You will have the opportunity to benefit from specialist advice from our coffee experts, especially regarding solutions for hotels, offices and companies. They will familiarize you with the Nespresso Professional coffee ranges and espresso machines and guide you in making the perfect choice according to your personal tastes and preferences.