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The ultimate Nespresso coffee experience, for your business

Enjoy the authentic coffee experience inspired by Italian roasting rituals and preparation techniques, perfect for the office, hotel and restaurant!
Delight your customers and partners with an authentic and special experience.

  • Dense coffee cream

    Let yourself be enchanted by
    the coffee cream

  • 3 extraction methods available

    Ristretto, Espresso
    & Lungo

  • Personalized events

    Rent espresso machines
    for events

  • 100% recyclable capsules

    Made of aluminum
    (~80% recycled)

Nespresso Professional coffee capsules

Nespresso created the professional capsules to bring innovation, premium taste and quality to the business environment. These capsules adapt to various recipes and always ensure a consistent experience - fine cream, intensity and fullness.

The range includes over 16 classic varieties such as Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo, perfect for offices, lounges and cafes. Coffee of origin from different countries completes the selection, adding a sophisticated touch. Assortments from the Creations range, such as those with vanilla or caramel, complete the offer for coffee with milk recipes.

Carefully selected coffee

International collaboration: farmers, agronomists and partners from 14 countries come together to create exceptional Nespresso coffee ranges.

Nespresso coffee is selected from sustainable sources and hand picked to ensure consistency in every cup. Through the roasting process, the aromatic profile and intensity of the coffee is shaped. Nespresso professional ranges are either blends or from a single country.

Certified specialists create balanced blends, combining Arabica and Robusta to obtain varieties with personality, intensity and distinct aromatic profile. Arabica brings delicacy, acidity and elegance, while Robusta adds weight and fullness.

Sustainable practices for responsible companies

Through the sustainability program, Nespresso protects the environment, the farming communities and thus the quality of the coffee. Specifically, this means that the more than 120,000 farmers enrolled in the AAA Sustainable Quality program are encouraged to use practices anchored in nature, that increase soil and plant resilience to climate change, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and secure a future for plantations and communities.

Nespresso is a certified B Corp company that meets rigorous social and environmental standards. Through the business model, it supports the development of an economy based on inclusiveness and sustainability.

How can Nespresso Professional coffee capsules be recycled?

Because they are made of aluminium, Nespresso capsules keep the coffee fresh, are lightweight and are currently recycled in 59 countries. How coffee capsules can be recycled:

  •     ✓ When placing a coffee order for your office or HoReCa location, ask for the recycling kit. It is installed next to the coffee machine and consists of a box with a capacity of up to 500 capsules, a biodegradable bag and a support collar.
  •     ✓ On your next coffee order, tick to pick up used capsules and the courier will collect them and give you a new recycling kit.

Professional coffee subscriptions for businesses

Subscriptions are the ideal long-term solution for companies: flexible, efficient and economical. They include a coffee machine and a number of professional capsules, adapted to your needs. Technical services are included for the full convenience of the company.

You have total freedom in choosing the components of the subscription, and Nespresso advisors can help you find the right solution. You can adjust the quantity and varieties of coffee each month to meet the needs of colleagues and customers in real time.

Included services cover installation, troubleshooting, delivery and collection of used capsules, freeing you from worries and giving you more time for business development.

How to purchase professional Nespresso capsules

You can order Nespresso professional coffee capsules online, directly from the section dedicated to coffee assortments.

For customized solutions and more long-term efficiency, we recommend contacting an advisor and choosing a subscription that includes a coffee plan. You can manage your plan online or contact us for additional orders directly from the platform.

For performing businesses regardless of industry

Personalized coffee solutions

You will have the opportunity to benefit from specialist advice from our coffee experts, especially regarding solutions for hotels, offices and companies. They will familiarize you with the Nespresso Professional coffee ranges and espresso machines and guide you in making the perfect choice according to your personal tastes and preferences.