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Discover our classic coffee range

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Coffees tailored to you

Everyone enjoys coffee in their own way. And if it comes down to enjoyment, there is no right or wrong. We are all different and we each have our own personality. That's why the Classics range has a new style with new names and fresh colors. There is a coffee for everyone and each desire.

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You stumble upon the hidden garden of mild washed coffees when you try FINEZZO. It’s a lightly roasted Arabica blend of Ethiopian, Colombian and other Latin American coffees. Through its gently sparkling acidity come heady floral aromas like jasmine and bergamot.​

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LEGGERO is a mild, refreshing blend of South American and Asian coffees with secret depths. Brazilian and Colombian Arabicas and Asian Robusta give it a light and velvety body, toasted cereal and cocoa notes, and just that whisper of acidity and bitterness.​

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FORTE is a blend of South and Central American Arabicas that bring both malty and jammy red fruit notes to the cup. The medium roast develops an intense equilibrium in the character of these washed coffees.

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Strong-roasted Arabicas and a touch of Robusta come together in INTENSO.​ The bold roasted notes accompany you until the very last drop.

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This decaffeinated blend of South American Arabicas with a touch of Robusta will compel you with its rich aromatic intensity. You’ll relish DECAFFEINATO’s full body and subtle cocoa and toasted cereal notes.​

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RISTRETTO is the famous Italian classic. It’s a pure Arabica blend from Latin America, with a dark and intense roast and an iconic rich crema. RISTRETTO’s deep cocoa and subtle woody notes linger through its dense, full body.​

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Ristretto Intenso

In RISTRETTO INTENSO, a South American Arabica gains intensity when marriedwith Robusta. It leads to a roasty, bitter, and bold  coffee blend with spicy pepper and woody aromas dancing through a creamy texture.​

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