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The positive cup


Working towards making every cup of Nespresso a Positive Cup
- a cup that has a positive impact.


Introducing the Positive Cup.


At Nespresso we believe that each cup of Nespresso has the potential to not only deliver a moment of pleasure but also restore, replenish and revive environmental and human resources. In effect, a cup of coffee that can create a greater value for society and the environment. This is The Positive Cup vision and continues Nespresso’s commitment to sustainability in coffee sourcing and consumption.

We are dedicated to being part of a sustainable coffee economy and recognise that we have a significant role to play in bringing about the social, environmental and economic conditions that are required to achieve this.

Coffee plantations

A history steeped in sustainability


Sustainable quality is the driving force behind Nespresso and is the reason that we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure meaningful consumption. Back in 2003 we developed the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program which implemented a unique coffee sourcing system that focused on delivering consistent quality coffee and a positive environmental and social impact for farmers. Around 85% of the coffee Nespresso sources now come from AAA farms. We have the capacity to recycle over 75% of Nespresso capsules sold worldwide and have reduced the carbon footprint of a cup of Nespresso coffee by 20%. These achievements follow commitments set by the company in 2009 through the Ecolaboration program, to significantly enhance our sustainability performance by the end of 2013.

Additionally and importantly, the AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program has provided an unparalleled framework for coffee innovation, through a strong relationship with farmers built on mutual trust and commitment to create shared value.

Coffee plantations

The Positive Cup commitments


The commitments to reach The Positive Cup vision by 2020 build on the significant steps the company has already taken over the last five years, under the Ecolaboration vision, to improve farmer welfare and drive environmental sustainability in coffee sourcing and consumption. The Positive Cup sees a new set of ambitious commitments to achieve the goal of making every cup of Nespresso a positive cup.


100% sustainably sourced coffee

  • Source 100% of the permanent range of Grand Cru coffees through the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program

  • Assist farmers achieve certification standards through our long-term partner Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade

  • Pursue innovative solutions to farmer welfare, including the expansion of the AAA Farmer Future Program initially through a retirement fund for farmers in Colombia


100% sustainably managed aluminium

  • Expand the capacity to collect used aluminium capsules to 100% in countries that Nespresso is officially available in and increase recycling rates

  • Recycle Nespresso capsules collected by the company into new Nespresso capsules where environmentally appropriate

  • Source 100% of virgin aluminium capsule material compliant with the new Aluminium Stewardship Initiative standard


100% carbon insetting

  • Further reduce by 10% the carbon footprint of the company

  • Become 100% carbon neutral by insetting* the company’s residual operational carbon footprint and increase farm climate resilience through an extensive agroforestry programme.

  • *Insetting integrates socio-environmental commitments at the heart of a company’s business activities and networks.

Nespresso is investing CHF 500 million over the next six years into The Positive Cup sustainability program. Part of this investment will help to channel resources into specific projects, including ground-breaking programs such as rebuilding of the coffee industry in South Sudan. It is a continuation of our current investment to being a sustainable coffee company.

Coffee plantations

A Collaborative Approach:


Sustainability is a journey we must take together and Nespresso collaborates with the best partners in order to create a sustainable coffee economy. Each and every one of them plays an essential role in our shared vision and we are working collectively to support The Positive Cup ambition.

Partners to Nespresso include The Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade International, Technoserve, Pur Projet and International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and help to enhance Nespresso’s long term commitment to sustainability.