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Sweet and harmonious
Intensity 5
€0.49 per capsule €4.90 per 10 capsules
€9.80 per 100 grams
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Sweet and harmonious

Do you already know the 'black-honey' method? Our Master Origin Nicaragua is made in this rare way. We let the coffee berries dry in a thin layer of pulp. This makes them just as sticky as honey and gives the coffee a wonderfully soft and slightly sweet taste.

Taste profile

The Nicaragua is a wonderfully soft coffee with a balanced and slightly sweet taste. This coffee with black-honey Arabica has a silky texture and notes of grain.

With milk

If you like frothed coffee, make a rich latte macchiato from Nicaragua. With milk, this coffee is balanced and nutty with toasty notes.

Flavor profile

Best served as
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Black-honey Arabica

In the honey method, farmers carefully pick only the ripest berries. They extract the beans from the fruit in the usual way. But after that, the coffee gets a completely different treatment. Normally coffee farmers would now ferment the beans so that they can remove the fruit residues. But with the "black-honey" method, they dry the beans while the fruit remains are still on them. That is a bit risky, because the coffee should not rot. It requires a lot of attention and care from the farmers. They almost have to watch the coffee beans as if they were their children.


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