Vanilla Éclair

Vanilla flavoured coffee

The Vanilla Eclair flavor was specifically designed for Nespresso. After much trial and error, we have reached just the right balance between roasted coffee notes and the indulgent Cocoa flavor.

The flavors are added to the roasted coffee after grinding into a fine powder form, and much work was done to create just the right tonality, with no overbearing aromas. These flavors have a natural origin like plants or flowers with at least a part of the substance originating from a base component of the characterized flavor.


The basis is an espresso (40 ml) of Brazilian and Colombian arabica coffee that matches perfectly with the vanilla aromas


Split roast. The Brazilian portion is lightly roasted to keep it smooth and with all its malted cereal notes intact, while the majority of the Colombian coffee beans get a short roast to release all their finer aromatics. A fine grind adds a glimmer of intensity to this harmonious coffee.

With milk

Try Vanilla Eclair as a Cappuccino to bring out a creamy custard taste and a touch of sweet almond.



10 Vanilla éclair capsules of roast and ground coffee for the NESPRESSO system.

Ingredients & allergens

Roast and ground coffee, natural vanilla flavouring with other natural flavourings. Contains negligible amounts of energy, carbohydrates, fat, proteins and salt. Packaged in a protective atmosphere.

Net Weight (for 10 capsules)

50g - 1.76oz e

Made in Zwitserland

EAN: 7630047680588

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