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Powerful espresso, perfect with milk
Intensity 10
€0.50 per capsule €5.00 per 10 capsules
€8.62 per 100 grams
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Powerful espresso, perfect with milk

We present the Corto, a coffee designed to accompany milk. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to make the perfect coffee recipes at home, inspired by the expertise of the best baristas in the world.


Inspired by the dark roast flavors and full textures of the coffees of the baristas from Spain, we created a blend of African Arabica and a Robusta.


Long and dark roasting has created a powerful flavor and full body, which becomes smoother and creamier with a splash of milk. Aromatic profile with milk: very dark, spicy and roasted.

Flavor profile

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  • Roasted
  • Cortado

Ingredients and Allergens

10 capsules of roast and ground coffee for the Nespresso system

Ingredients & allergens Roast and ground coffee. Packaged in a protective atmosphere.
Net Weight (for 10 capsules) 58g - 2.04 oz e
Made by Nespresso Zwitserland EAN: 7630311581047

With milk

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We present the Corto, a coffee designed to accompany milk. We want to make it as easy as possible for you. Corto easily counterbalances the hint of sweet milk, with its rich aftertaste, elegant bitterness and thick, full body. With a splash of warm milk and milk foam as the crowning glory, you will experience the Corto in the traditional Spanish way. To create this intense, rich cup that is perfect for milk, we have tested different coffees from various countries. We found that not all coffees go well with milk. We selected a Robusta bean from Uganda to form the basis of this blend. It gives this coffee the intensity, full body and syrupy texture you would expect from a cortado recipe. To complete the powerful profile we have the finest Arabicas added. In addition, we applied our split-roasting technique and roasted the beans for a long time to release the textures we were looking for for this Spanish-style coffee. The long roasting time - where we wait for the bean to turn a dark rich color - creates an enticing bitterness and that syrupy, full body.


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