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Intense and spicy
Intensity 11
€0.49 per capsule €4.90 per 10 capsules
€8.91 per 100 grams
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Intense and spicy

The technique for processing the Master Origin India after harvesting is called "monsooning". The coffee masters from India are very good at that. And you can taste it: this is a special coffee with a full body and a spicy character.


The India does not consist of the usual Arabica, but is made from a powerful Robusta. That explains the special taste - hearty and woody, with spicy notes and a hint of misty sea air. Do you taste it?


Would you like something different? Then try this coffee as a latte or latte macchiato. The aromas of wood and spices are not lost and you can taste the intensity of the monsooned Robusta.

Flavor profile

Best served as
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The origin

Monsooning is a unique processing method that is only used on the southwest coast of India. Coffee farmers there spread the green beans over the floors of sheds that are open at the sides. The warm monsoon winds blow through the buildings, causing the beans to constantly swell and contract again. Just like in the old days, when the Europeans first shipped coffee and left the beans open and exposed on the deck to dry.


The unique method of monsooning coffee from India stems from the long and distant journeys of the past, which exposed the coffees to rain, storm and wind for a long time. As a tribute to this history of coffee, we have added this Monsooned Robusta to our blends. The intensive monsooning takes place after harvesting and requires a lot of care and attention. From June to September, when the rainy season (monsoon) arrives in India, the unwashed beans are distributed in open sheds, absorbing moisture from the atmosphere and turning from a coffee cherry to a "Monsooned coffee". This method is often applied to Arabica beans, but to create new flavors, we opted for a Robusta. An unusual procedure that produces a special profile.

Ingredients and Allergens

10 MASTER ORIGIN India capsules of roast and ground coffee for the Nespresso system

Ingredients & allergens Roast and ground coffee. Packaged in a protective atmosphere.
Net Weight (for 10 capsules) 55g - 1.94oz e
Made by Nespresso Switzerland EAN: 7630311549818

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