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Lattissima +

Coffee and milk recipes at the touch of a button

Lattissima + was created especially for those who love coffee with milk.
Prepare an espresso, lungo, cappucino or a latte macchiato at the touch of a button

Key benefits

  • 4 buttons with automatic flowstop
  • Velvety high quality milk froth
  • Manual milk container rinsing function
  • Electronic alert for descalling

Explore The features of the LATTISSIMA + range


Compact design

Efficient design, compact technology. Dimensions:
H = 24 cm W = 16.5 cm D = 30 cm

LATTISSIMA+ needs less space, while providing all the functions used on a daily basis.


Easy-to-handle milk container

The milk container contains 0.35 l (size allowing you to prepare 2 latte macchiatos).

After use, simply remove the milk container and place it in the fridge to keep it for your next recipes. For perfect milk froth, use chilled whole or reduced-fat milk.


New milk frothing system

For perfect milk froth:
the steam, air, and milk are combined optimally for an unrivaled cappuccino experience


Volume of frothed milk

Turn the regulator to adjust the volume of frothed milk.


"One-touch" system

Allows delicious recipes based on coffee and milk to be created at the simple touch of a button!


Cold milk

Use cold milk for a real taste experience. For perfect milk froth, use chilled whole or reduced-fat milk.


Cleaning function

Use the cleaning function after making your milk-based recipes.

Press the button for 10 seconds to clean the milk container nozzle. Then simply place the milk container in the fridge to keep it for your next recipes.


The coffee mode is ready in just 40 seconds, and the milk function only needs 10 more seconds.


A variety of colors to delight the senses.


Capsule container for 10 used capsules.


Slide the drip tray for latte macchiato glasses or mugs.


Automatic switchoff
category A.


The 0.9l capacity water tank can be held by its lid.


A faster steam system with better temperature regulation allows you to create the perfect steam.


Cable storage under the machine allows you to adjust its length.


An electronic alarm sounds when the machine needs to be descaled. Once the descaling tube is connected, the machine switches straight to descaling mode.


Perfect recipes with just one touch


Our coffee experts have developped 5 Grands Crus Lungo with distincly individual characters and aromatic profiles. The exceptional choice ensures everyone their ultimate coffee experience.


  • How to take care of my machine?

    1. Descale your machine at least once a year for soft water
    Note: for hard water descale twice per year. (If you don’t know what water type you have hard water tends to leave white marks in the water tank)
    ADD A LINK TO: Order a descaling kit now"
    2. Eject your capsules after each use
    3. Frequently change the water tank with fresh drinking water
    4. Regularly empty and clean the capsule container and drip tray
    5. For integrated milk devices, activate the cleaning procedure after each use
    6. Before your first coffee, brew water without capsule by pressing any coffee button.
    By doing so, you pre-heat your coffee cup and you rinse the extraction system for better coffee experience.

  • How high is the percentage of recyclable material used in Nespresso machines?

    On average, our machines have a 60% recyclability potential.
    And today, Nespresso Club Members can bring their machines back to wherever they bought them or in any electrical appliance store. In Europe,, the European Union’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) has been in force since 2003. It provides a framework in which consumers can return their used electrical and electronic appliances for recycling.

  • What does it mean 19 bars?

    All the Nespresso machines are equipped with a 19-bar pressure pump, which provides the power needed to pierce the film of the capsule and reveal the coffee’s 900 or so different aromas. The shape of the Nespresso capsule has been specially designed to ensure that the pressurised water flows evenly through the ground coffee during extraction. The temperature and flow time are also set to ensure that each precious aroma is expressed.

  • The cappuccino button of my machine shines orange?

    This is the indicator you need to descale your machine. The Descaling ensure the proper functioning of your machine over its lifetime and that your coffee experience is as perfect as the first day

  • Quality of milk froth is not up to standard.

    For perfect milk froth, use skimmed or semi-skimmed milk at refrigerator temperature (about 4° C/39.2° F).
    - Rinse after each milk based preparation. Place a recipient under milk outlet, press and hold the ”CLEAN” button until machine stops pumping automatically. Milk recipe buttons blink during the rinsing process (takes approximately 10 sec). When lights are steady, the rinsing process is finished.
    - Every two days, disassemble the R.C.S. and clean all components in the upper level of a dishwasher.
    - Orientate the milk spout to the centre of the cup or glass.
    - Do not use raw unpasteurised milk and be sure not to use milk after its expiration date as indicated on the packaging.
    - Do not use frozen milk

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