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The elegant VERTUO coffee machines from Nespresso

The new VERTUO and VERTUO Plus coffee machines combine capsule-specific extraction with innovative barcode recognition. This allows you to create a coffee with a light and airy crema at the push of a button - no matter which of our high-quality VERTUO Nespresso capsules you insert. Thanks to the barcode recognition, your capsule machine knows which type of capsule is inserted and how to treat it in a very specific way. Espresso or coffee Lungo - you always get a perfect and delicious result! Through our unique patented Centrifusion™ technology, the capsule rotates in the head of the machine during the brewing process. This process provides the incomparably rich crema that will make your favorite coffee as irresistible as never before!
To welcome all new customers, we have a very special offer for you: With your first order of 120 VERTUO Nespresso capsules, you get the new VERTUO Alto Travel Mug for free. With a first order of 180 capsules, you can call the high-quality Pure Rock capsule dispenser your own. What are you waiting for? Create a Nespresso customer account now and benefit from our new welcome offers!

How does the coffee preparation work with the VERTUO coffee machine?

Preparing your favorite coffee is child's play with the VERTUO capsule machine. Before using it for the first time, however, you should carefully read the operating and safety instructions in the enclosed operating instructions. Before making your first coffee, top up the water tank with fresh water, turn on the machine and rinse the system thoroughly by pressing the button once. When this is done, turn the lever to the right - this unlocks and opens the machine head. Now you can insert your VERTUO coffee capsule with the curvature pointing downwards. Now turn the lever back to the left - this closes the machine head again. Now just place a suitable cup under the coffee outlet and press the button once - the brewing process starts. Thanks to the barcode recognition, you do not have to adjust anything else because the machine knows exactly how much water & rotations and what temperature are required for a perfect result.

What should be considered when preparing with the VERTUO Plus coffee machine?

With the VERTUO Plus coffee machine, the preparation is almost identical. These should also be rinsed once with fresh water before the first use. However, unlike the VERTUO machine, it has mechanical unlocking mechanism to open the machine head. All you have to do is push the lever slightly upwards, whereupon the lid will open electronically - there is no need for further lifting on your part. Again, the VERTUO capsule is inserted with the curvature facing down. To close the lid, push the lever down again. Now just put a cup under the outlet, press the button and watch as the black gold with the finest crema flows into your cup.

Which coffee specialties can I prepare with the VERTUO coffee machines?

At Nespresso we offer you a unique selection of finest coffees for your VERTUO machine. The 28 coffees are divided into Espresso, Double Espresso, Gran Lungo, Mug and Alto. For each of these specialties there are certain capsules that are recognized by the machine thanks to their barcode. This means that one touch of the button is always enough to brew the coffee specialty in perfection - with a taste like in your Cáfe. The coffee creations from cups and glasses from our VERTUO Accessories Collection, created by the German designer Konstantin Grcic, who was inspired by the look of the VERTUO capsules, taste particularly good. Each cup of coffee will be an unforgettable moment to remember!