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Discover the range of Intenso Grands Crus

These multi-blends feature a variety of intense characteristics, best enjoyed in a short cup, 25ml (ristretto) or 40ml (espresso) cup

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Capsule Fortissio Lungo Nespresso


Exceptionally intense and syrupy

A daring blend including Robustas from Brazil and Guatemala, specially prepared for Nespresso, and a separately roasted Arabica from South America, Kazaar is a coffee of exceptional intensity. That full bodied ristretto is rich in roasted notes. In cup it develops a powerful bitterness and notes of pepper that are balanced by a dense and creamy texture.

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CUP SIZE 40 ml

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Capsule Vivalto Lungo Nespresso


Long roasted and velvety

This blend of washed Arabicas from Latin America and Asia fully unveils its character thanks to the technique of long roasting at a low temperature. Its powerful personality reveals intense roasted notes together with hints of bitter cocoa powder and toasted cereals that express themselves in a silky and velvety texture. In cup it creates a subtle balance and a pleasant bitterness that lingers in the mouth.

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AROMATIC PROFILELong roasted Hints of bitter cocoa powder and cereals

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Capsule Linizio Lungo Nespresso


Powerful and contrasting

Strong in flavour and body, Ristretto combines the best South American Arabicas, from countries such as Colombia and Brazil, with great East African Arabicas, famous for their citrus aromas with a touch of Robusta for added zing. The slow split roasting of the beans creates a contrasting bouquet, bringing together subtle fruity and acid notes, with intensely roasted and chocolate ones.

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AROMATIC PROFILEIntensly Roasted Hint of fruity
CUP SIZE 40 ml

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Capsule Decaffeinato Lungo Nespresso


Intense and creamy

Arpeggio takes its distinctive character and full body from a blend of Central and South American Arabicas. The long roasting allows each aspect to develop into an intense bouquet, combining cocoa and roasted notes.

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AROMATIC PROFILEIntensly roasted Cocoa
CUP SIZE 40 ml

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Full and balanced

A subtle balance between strength, finesse and fullness, Roma sets itself apart by its woody and roasted notes. Central and South American Arabicas combined with Robusta have been lightly roasted to preserve the delicate aroma of the blend. Roma is the ideal coffee for those looking for an espresso that is both short and mild.

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CUP SIZE 40 ml

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Enhance your coffee tastings with accessories designed to bring out all the subtleties of each Grand Cru

  • Tasse à café <em>Nespresso</em> Glass collection

    Set of 2 Espresso tempered glass cups (80 ml) and black and charcoal grey melamine saucers.

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  • Tasse à café espresso <em>Nespresso</em> Touch collection

    Set of 2 Espresso cups (80ml) in black porcelain and soft-touch silicone. Look, Touch and Taste: capturing the spirit of innovation.

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  • Tasse à café <em>Nespresso</em> Ritual collection

    Set of 2 Espresso cups (80 ml) and saucers in porcelain.Designed to release the intensity and aromas of our Grands Crus, enjoy your favorite Nespresso in our timelessly contemporary PURE Collection cups.

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  • Tasse à café <em>Nespresso</em> Pixie collection

    Set of 2 double-wall Espresso cups (80 ml) in stainless steel matching the Grands Crus colors, with 2 stirrers (12.5 cm) in stainless steel.

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  • Tasse à café <em>Nespresso</em> Premium collection

    Set of 2 cups for coffee tasting-glass crystal. These special glasses are designed to bounce off the aromatic notes of coffee, raising the tasting experience to a new level.

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Enhance your experience with a hint of milk

  • Recette mocha chocolat

    Iced Chocolate Coffee

    (110ml of coffee + milk + ice)

    10 minAeroccino

    Experience an espresso Kazaar Grand Cru with a refreshing chocolate ice cream topped with a creamy and dense foam.

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  • Recette café latte

    Espresso Macchiato Speculos Indulgence

    (40ml of coffee + 20ml of milk)

    5 minAeroccino

    The warm spiciness and gingery comfort of a favorite Belgian cookie treat paired with luxuriantly foamed milk.

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  • Recette cappuccino


    (110ml of coffee + 20ml of milk)

    10 minAeroccino

    Master the art of Cappuccino and give in to the ultimate temptation with a blend of creamy milk foam and the character of Espresso Grand Crus.

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  • Recette café latte macchiato

    Iced Cardamom Macchiato

    (40ml of coffee + 25ml of milk)

    5 minAeroccino

    An espresso Dharkan Grand Cru enhanced by a spicy note of cardamom and a tender icy foam.

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milk frother

Mousseur à lait Nespresso Aeroccino mousseur à lait Nespresso


The Aeroccino milk frother can transform milk into a light and velvety milk foam. By pouring the milk foam at your desired speed, you can control he way it blends with your favorite Grand Cru.

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