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Recurring Coffee Plan Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still benefit from promotional offers with Recurring Coffee Plan?

Yes, as a Recurring Coffee Plan member, you are still able to enjoy Nespresso promotions. Depending on the promotion, your recurring order may not be automatically eligible to receive the promotion. The best way to ensure you don't miss out is to opt-in for our email updates in My Account. You'll be notified when promotions you are eligible for are available. 

If your Recurring Order is not scheduled to ship during the promotional period, or the contents do not meet the promotion requirements, we recommend you delay your Recurring Order and place a unique order to redeem the offer. 

You can manage your Recurring Order anytime in My account > My Recurring Orders

If I purchase 200 capsules in one go, will I get 2 free sleeves? 300, 3 sleeves? And so on.  

This is correct, you will be getting a free sleeve of coffee every time you reach 100 cumulative purchased capsules. The orders accumulate over time and the free coffee will be automatically added to your cart.

Can I choose any coffee blend for my ongoing bonus sleeve when I set up my new Recurring Coffee Plan? 

You are able to choose from the blends that have been pre-selected by Nespresso. Feel free to discuss with us your coffee preferences and we can help you determine the most suitable coffee, alternatively visit us in a Nespresso boutique for a free tasting.  

The pre-selected blends are:  

Original blends: Arpeggio, Livanto, Ristretto and Fortissio Lungo 
Vertuo blends: Altissio, Double Espresso Scuro, Double Espresso Chiaro and Intenso 

Are there any hidden fees?

There is no cost associated with creating, modifying or cancelling your order. 

You may see a pending payment of $1 with your bank, when you create or modify your Recurring Order. 

This is a verification check to store your payment card for recurring payments. The amount will not be charged, and will be released back to you within a few days. 

How will I know when my order will ship?

You will be notified three days prior to the shipment of your order via email. 

If you wish to modify the contents of your order, or delivery and payment information after receiving this email, you can do so until midnight the day before your order is shipped (eg: 11:59PM on January 3 for an order shipping on January 4). 

How do I modify or cancel my Recurring Order?

You can modify or cancel your Recurring Order anytime on the Nespresso website or mobile app. 

Simply go to My Account, followed by My Recurring Orders to find your settings and options. 

You can modify the next scheduled date, delivery address and payment. You can also cancel your Recurring Order. 

If you have any issues, please contact us for assistance. 

Is delivery really free?

Yes! Every Recurring Order over 50 capsules receives free standard delivery.

Is there a minimum capsule requirement for a Recurring Coffee Plan?

There is no minimum capsule requirement to set up a Recurring Order.

Can I order Limited Edition coffees in my Recurring Order?

Limited Edition coffees are not available on Recurring Coffee Plan as stock is available in limited quantities. However, you can select ‘Coffee of the Month’, which is heroing a blend each month, going from a limited-edition to new blends. This selection will be changed each month and the sleeve will be automatically added to your order if you have selected ‘Coffee of the Month’. 

What if I don't want my order but it has already shipped? Can I cancel it?

We would encourage you to keep your order, and consider delaying your next shipment date. As Nespresso capsules are hermetically sealed, the coffee can be stored and used at a later date. 

Please contact us for further assistance. 

What happens if an item in my Recurring Order is out of stock?

The remainder of your order will ship and will only be charged for shipped items. You will be notified by email of products that could not be shipped. If you do receive this email, we recommend reviewing your Recurring Order in case a product is permanently unavailable. 

If an out-of-stock item forces your order to below 50 capsules, you will be contacted by Nespresso to update the order contents so it meets the free delivery threshold. If you notice you have not received your Recurring Order shipment notification at the expected date, you're also able to log in and check your order or contact us so we can assist.