The best travel coffee cups

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The best travel coffee cups

Keep your coffee how you like it when you’re on the go

Hot cup of Coffee

Whether you like your coffee hot or cold, tall or short, milky or black, you want a reusable coffee cup that keeps your coffee tasting as fresh and delicious as the moment you poured it. The best travel coffee cups have some important features that work to preserve taste and moderate heat and avoid leakage when you’re on the go.

The features of a great travel coffee mug

Leak and spill protection

If you’re a coffee lover with a busy schedule, your travel coffee mug is probably a daily part of your morning commute to work. Whether you’re on the train, in a bus, or stuck in traffic, the last thing you want on the way to the office is a big stain down your white shirt, a pile of dripping wet documents in your bag or a wet patch on your lap from a leaking coffee cup.

Look for a mug that has a tight seal around the lid and a drinking hole that can be easily opened when you’re on the go and securely closed when not in use.

Easy to clean

Coffee is notoriously one of the hardest things to clean up so you want to look for a cup that is easy to take apart and that you can quickly and effectively clean in all of the different sections.

Heat retention

Perhaps one of the most important factors when considering which travel mug you should buy. There are few things in life that are worse than a lukewarm hot coffee or for that matter a lukewarm iced coffee. Look for a mug that is made with stainless steel. This will retain heat or cold for hours at a time. It’s also worth considering the outer design of the cup. The best travel coffee mugs keep the inside contents hot but do not feel hot to touch on the outside.


Drops happen, it’s inevitable. You want a travel mug that will stand the test of time and will hold strong when dropped, sat on, or knocked around. You’ll likely use your mug every day, so it needs to be built to last.


While this is not a taste factor, it is something that enhances the overall coffee drinking experience. Drinking from a cup that feels nice to hold, that doesn’t chip or fade AND reflects your style is an added bonus when it comes to reusable cups.

Nespresso coffee machine extracting a coffee

Our recommendation

Touch Travel Mug

The Touch Travel Mug takes your favourite Nespresso coffee outside of home. It will keep your coffee warm (or cold) and will keep your hands cool. It features an innovative urban design and can hold up to 345ml.

Dimensions: 8.6 x 16.1cm
Recommended Serving: 345 ml

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