How to store your coffee pods

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How to store your coffee pods and beans

One of the most common questions coffee drinkers have is how to store coffee and keep it fresh. We've put together our tips on coffee storage, how to store your coffee pods and beans and a selection of stylish and functional coffee pod holders. Once you know how to store your coffee for maximum freshness and flavour, your biggest concern will be choosing a coffee flavour.

Coffee pod holder

How to store your coffee pods and keep them fresh

Like most of what we eat, we like our coffee to be fresh. It's when they're at their best and we know the flavours and aromas have been captured.

Unfortunately, it doesn't take long for coffee beans to lose their quality and flavour.

Nespresso has created a unique and innovative way to capture coffee freshness and pass it onto customers.

Once the roasting process has been completed, all of the processing happens within a controlled environment making sure no oxygen touches the coffee before it's encapsulated.

The hermetically sealed aluminium capsules completely protect the coffee aroma, prevent oxidation and guarantee optimal cup freshness for drinkers.

That means when you pop your coffee capsule into your machine, you know you're getting the freshest coffee possible.

What's the best way to store my coffee pods?

Nespresso has a stylish and functional range of coffee storage options for pods and capsules.

Whether you want to display your coffee capsules on your benchtop or pop them away in a drawer or cupboard we've got lots of choices.

There are many ways to store your coffee, depending on how much coffee you need to store, the style and design of your kitchen and the space you have available. Whether you're looking purely for functional storage or storage with a bit of flair, Nespresso has a coffee pod storage option to suit.

Our range starts with the Touch Nomad dispenser with space for 15 capsules. It's ideal for on-the-go coffee drinkers or for those looking for in home storage

The Pure Rock dispenser is a transparent rocking capsule dispenser with space for 60 capsules or 28 Vertuo capsules. It's a stylish addition to any kitchen and the perfect accessory to your coffee machine.

Our Touch Sleeve Capsule Dispenser is great for smaller spaces. It's compact and has a unique 360-degree rotation system making it easy to access your capsules.

Our full range is available online

How long do Nespresso coffee pods last? Do they have an expiry date?

Coffee pods do have an expiry date, which will be printed on the box or sleeve you've purchased. The date on the packaging is a best before date so we recommend you use before this date for maximum freshness and quality. Nespresso guarantees that your coffee will be fresh up to one year after purchase.

After that date, the coffee pods are absolutely ok for consumption, but we can't guarantee the high qualities of flavour and appearance.

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