Eco-friendly ways to enjoy your iced latte

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Eco-friendly ways to enjoy your iced latte

Cold caffeine kicks without the guilty conscience

We all want easy, convenient ways to enjoy our daily dose of java. And through the summer it’s all about keeping those iced lattes chilled through the heat of the day. Unfortunately, most iced coffees are consumed from single use, plastic cups and straws. This quickly turns your chilled drinks into a sloppy, watery mess. In addition to this, we all know that single-use plastic wreaks havoc on our natural environment. So, we’ve got the scoop on some eco-friendly ways you can keep your coffee on ice this summer, and look after the environment.

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Switch to reusable straws

Single-use straws are out. Many food outlets and companies around the world are removing the use of the plastic straws in favour of more environmentally-friendly alternatives. Some cities have even completely banned the use of straws. It’s for good reason. More and more of these plastic pipes are ending up in our oceans, are hurting the wildlife, and are damaging the natural habitat. The good news is that there is still an easy way to slurp up your icy brew. The coolest accessory to beat the heat and consume your caffeine conscientiously this season is an eco-friendly stainless-steel straw. You can use them time and time again, and they provide a stylish alternative to their plastic counterparts.

Ditch single-use iced-latte cups

We’ve all seen rubbish bins overflowing with plastic iced-coffee cups throughout the summer. Most of the waste you see will never be properly recycled and will end up in a landfill somewhere. Obviously, this isn’t ideal. In addition, these plastic cups are totally ineffective at keeping our drinks chilled. The solution is simple, use a reusable travel mug that keeps your coffee on ice and can be used all summer long.

Choose sustainably sourced coffee

Choosing coffee from a company that is conscious of their carbon footprint is an important step in protecting the environment. For almost 10 years, Nespresso has been working to become 100% carbon efficient across all operations. Using a Life Cycle Assessment approach performed by leading environmental consulting firm Quantis, Nespresso constantly monitors its environmental footprint and develops strategies to optimise environmental performance.

Recycle your coffee capsules

Think that your contribution to the environment ends with the last sip of sustainably sourced coffee, through your eco-friendly straw, from your reusable coffee cup? It doesn’t have to. Nespresso capsules and coffee grounds can be reused in new and innovative ways. Check out Nespresso’s recycling program to discover just how easy it is make a difference to the world we live in.

Want to enjoy eco-friendly iced lattes every day?

Discover the Nespresso way to guilt-free coffee that supports a thriving environment and check out our healthy iced coffee hacks for more ways to enjoy your iced coffee treat!

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