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Coffee Machine Reviews

Nespresso machines for all types of coffee connoisseurs

The wide and wonderful world of coffee is as diverse and as variable as it is delicious. One coffee lover’s perfect pour can look, smell and taste quite differently to another’s. Some seek a strong and distinct taste, while some prefer a silky, soft and smooth flavour. While one person may choose to consume their caffeine in short and intense shots, another may prefer the more indulgent and savouring experience that a tall coffee offers.

Coffee Machine Review

The innumerable unique options, opinions and preferences of people worldwide are evident from the thousands of coffee machine reviews available online. Unless you know exactly which type of coffee making and coffee drinking experience you are looking for, reviews can often provide more confusion than clarity. The trick to determining which coffee machine is right for you, is to align the features and functionality of different machines with your own unique personality, preference and lifestyle.

Nespresso understands that coffee creation calls for much more than a ‘one cup, suits all’ approach. It’s this knowledge of the ever-growing, ever-diversifying caffeine-loving community that has inspired a wide range of coffee blends and at-home coffee machines. Their different machines have risen in popularity worldwide because of their ease of use, professional finish, quality taste and affordable price tag.

Coffee machines without the confusion

Nespresso capsule machines range in size, design, pricing and features. With prices ranging from $159 to $1,199, there is a machine for every shopper. Our coffee machines have different features, functions, milk frothing abilities and settings - there is one that will meet your individual needs.

Vertuo range


Available colours: Black, Silver, Titanium,

Cost: $249.00 - $299.00

VertuoPlus and Aeroccino3

Available colours: Black / Silver / Titan / Red / White

Cost: $349.00

Why we love the Vertuo range

Vertuo uses our patented CentrifusionTM extraction process that naturally produces a silky and indulgent crema. All Vertuo coffee machines can brew five different cup sizes, ranging from 40 – 414ml.

Original range

Creatista Uno

Why we love it:

This machine has advanced milk texturing technology which allows you to easily create top-quality latte art coffee at home.

Available colours: Black

Cost: $549.00

Creatista Plus

Why we love it:

With this machine you can easily create an authentic top-quality latte art coffee at home, thanks to the Nespresso system's convenience and coffee expertise, combined with advanced milk texturing technology.

Available colours: Silver

Cost: $799.00

Creatista Pro

Why we love it:

This machine can deliver simultaneous coffee and milk preparation, a first for Nespresso in-home machines.

Available colours: Silver

Cost: $1,199.00

Essenza Mini

Why we love it:

With two stylish designs and our smallest footprint, the Essenza Mini is the small machine that opens up a whole world of Nespresso coffee.

Available colours: White / Black / Grey / Red / Green

Cost: $159.00 solo / $249 with an Aeroccino3

Inissia and Aeroccino Bundle

Why we love it:

This machine features curved soft shapes and playful colours and is streamlined for maximum usage and efficiency.

Available colours: Black

Cost: $249.00

CitiZ & milk

Why we love it:

This machine comes fitted with an Aeroccino milk frother which opens up a world of milk-based coffee creations with nothing more than the touch of a button.

Available colours: Chrome / Black / Cream

Cost: $399.00

Lattisima One

Why we love it:

This machine makes it easy to indulge in top-quality cappuccinos or latte macchiatos from the comfort of your own living room.

Available colours: Brown / Silky White

Cost: $399.00

Lattissima Touch

Why we love it:

This is versatile machine allows you to choose between six coffee selections and milk recipes using the tactile control panel.

Available colours: White / Black / Silver

Cost: $499.00

Lattisima Pro

Why we love it:

This machine is inspired by the quality of professional machines. Advanced technology and intuitive touchscreen are presented in a sleek, pure and robust design with an aluminium finish.

Available colours: Silver

Cost: $699.00

Gran Lattissima

Why we love it:

With six different milk recipes on offer, now you can enjoy café style coffee in the comfort of your own home, at the touch of a button.

Available colours: Black / White

Cost: $749.00

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