The best mini coffee machines

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The best mini coffee machines

Big flavour with compact convenience

Monster-sized espressos machines are standard in most cafes and restaurants. But, when it comes to the home, less is often more. With a range of cleverly designed mini coffee machines on the market, you can enjoy maximum flavoured coffee from a minimalist machine. The best mini coffee machines have the technology and the design to create big coffee moments.

Essenza mini - the best mini coffee machine

The pros of a small coffee machine

Easy to store and transport

Not every kitchen offers limitless counter space and for many homes, appliances need to be stored in a cupboard. While this might be ideal for your blender or cheese toastie maker, a bulky coffee machine is difficult to move and unlikely to fit in a tight space. This is where a mini coffee machine is a god send. Its lightweight design and compact structure means it’s easy to pull out of the cupboard when coffee cravings hit and then to pop out of sight when you’re done.

Another great perk of a small coffee machine is the ability to transport when you’re away from home. If you’re heading on holiday and are dreading the thought of the daily café search for quality coffee, a mini machine offers the perfect solution. Take it with you and be guaranteed delicious coffee whenever you need it.

Style savvy

Less is often more when it comes to home design. A compact coffee maker won’t interfere with the rest of your kitchen décor and is go-to for home owners who prefer minimalist design.


Espresso machine technology has come a long way over recent years. This means that the best quality coffee can be found in even the smallest of machines. Here are some of our recommendations for those looking for delicious coffee from the most neatly packed products.

Our recommendations

Essenza Mini Espresso Machine

This is Nespresso's most compact espresso machine. It offers two programmable cup sizes, comes in a choice of two contemporary shapes and is available in three stylish colours.

Essenza Mini Solo De'Longhi Pure White

Enjoy an easy to use, stylish design with the unrivalled quality of Nespresso.

Essenza Mini Breville Pure Black

At just over 2kg, this machine offers the perfect mix of compact convenience and premium coffee.

Nespresso shuns the myth that bigger is better with a range of cleverly designed mini coffee machines. These machines are perfectly suited to coffee lovers looking for an easy-to-use, simple to transport and stylish option for their homes.

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