Automatic coffee machine vs manual coffee machine

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Automatic coffee machine vs manual coffee machine

What’s the difference?

Deciding which type of coffee machine you need can seem like a daunting task. What style do you like? What size do you need? What do all of the features and functions of each machine do? And one of the biggest questions of all, should you go for an automatic, manual, or capsule coffee machine?

Each has the potential to create delicious coffee, but the journey from machine to mug can be quite different from automatic, manual and capsule coffee makers.

So, what’s the difference between automatic, manual and capsule coffee machines? And which one is right for you? We’ve got the answers below.

Automatic coffee machine vs manual coffee machine

What’s the difference between automatic, manual and capsule coffee machines?

Automatic, manual and capsule coffee machines offer three completely different coffee making experiences. An automatic machine requires little more than the press of a button to achieve the perfect cup. A manual coffee machine requires a bit of skill, know-how and a little bit of practice to create a brew worth bragging about. In comparison, a capsule machine offers the perfect blend and balance of both automatic and manual machine features.

What is a manual coffee machine?

Manual coffee machines are more difficult to operate than automatic systems. The main appeal is in the level of control that you have throughout the coffee making process. The built-in steam wand allows you to heat milk to your preferred temperature and consistency. You can adjust extraction times to your liking. And you can release your inner barista and indulge in some latte art.

What is an automatic coffee machine?

Automatic coffee machines are all about ease of use. They offer an exceptional quality coffee with none of the fuss. Coffee grinding, milk frothing, and espresso extraction is all done with one touch of a button.

What is a capsule coffee machine?

A capsule coffee machine is the perfect blend of automatic and manual coffee machines.

Unlike automatic machines, capsules provide individual measures of your favourite coffees. This provides a flexible solution to coffee drinking allowing you to easily switch between blends.

Nespresso’s aluminium capsule casing preserves coffee freshness and encapsulates the delicious coffee flavour until extraction time. What’s even better is that every single Nespresso capsule contains delicious, ethically sourced coffee, from the best coffee growing regions in the world.

A capsule machine also gives you the option to indulge your creative side with none of the mess or fuss. Tailored settings enable you to heat up your water, set your extraction time, create perfectly frothed milk, and serve your coffee at the optimal temperature, just the way you like it.

Nespresso’s capsule machines offer an exciting mix of innovation and ease. It might look simple, but there’s a lot more going on within your machine than you may realise.

Nespresso’s sophisticated technology means that your capsule machine will create quality cups of coffee with a consistent finish, time after time.

How does a capsule coffee machine work?

Nespresso offers two unique capsule machine experiences: Original and Vertuo. Each creates delicious tasting coffee in its own unique way.

Vertuo technology

The Vertuo system offers technology that adjusts to each coffee you create. The barcode on each capsule allows the machine to automatically recognise coffee blends and adjust extraction parameters accordingly. The Vertuo machine takes care of the entire coffee making process, leaving you to sit back and enjoy the fruits of its labour.

Discover the ease of Vertuo

Original technology

The range of Original automatic machines offers a classic espresso experience at your fingertips. With a 19-bar high pressure extraction technology that releases the fresh and aromatic coffee, prep is simple. It’s perfect extraction, cup after cup, at the touch of a button.

Enjoy the Original experience

Automatic, manual or capsule coffee machine: which is better?

The truth is that delicious coffee doesn’t need to be difficult, Nespresso has made sure of that. Nespresso’s capsule machines combine premium coffee, ultimate convenience, creativity, style and simplicity. Discover just how easy amazing coffee can be with Nespresso.

What type of machine is right for you?

Everybody is different when it comes to coffee preferences. That’s why Nespresso has a range of coffee machines that are perfectly designed to create coffee of all kinds in a variety of styles. Explore Nespresso’s machine features using our Coffee machine comparison guide.

Comparing coffee machines

Still not sure which coffee machine is right for you? Taste for yourself. Drop into your nearest Nespresso boutique, taste the different blends, and chat to our coffee specialists.

Ready to make coffee?

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