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Nespresso’s response to COVID-19
Nespresso’s response to COVID-19

To Our Nespresso Community,

As we all continue to adjust our daily lives during the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to share an update on how Nespresso USA is responding. First and foremost, the health and safety of our employees, customers, and partners is our top priority and drives every decision we make during this time. To that end, we wanted to outline the adjustments we’re making at Nespresso USA and the impact on your experience:

Retail Locations Temporarily Closed. Increasingly, local health authorities are advising that to slow the spread of this virus, we need to enact social distancing and limit interactions between people. We have therefore decided to temporarily close all of our Nespresso retail locations, including our boutiques and locations in our partner stores. This will be in effect until at least April 20, 2020. In an effort to continue supporting our teams, we will pay all of our retail employees during this time.

Corporate Offices & Customer Service Teams Working Remote. We are requiring our employees normally based in corporate offices across the country to work from home, including our Customer Support team. Like so many of you, they are now trying to balance their professional and personal responsibilities in new and unexpected ways, such as juggling children home from school, while continuing to support you when you need it. This may create longer response times than we want, but we are committed to serving you as best we can.

Delayed Order Delivery. Finally, there remains a small, but dedicated group of individuals who continue to work in our distribution centers to prepare and ship your online orders. We have adjusted our staffing shifts and implemented enhanced sanitation protocol in all of these locations, but as a consequence, this slows our team’s capacity. And with so many Nespresso lovers around the country now working from home, we have seen a spike in coffee orders, which exacerbates this challenge. As a result, the coffee you would normally expect delivered in 1-2 days may now take 7-10 days to arrive.

We know that tomorrow will bring new decisions and our promise to you is that the choices we make will continue to prioritize the health and safety of our community. We’ll be open and transparent with you about any impact this may have on your Nespresso experience. And we will continue to do our very best to support you and hopefully bring some small comfort and normalcy to your everyday.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Your Team at Nespresso USA


Sustainability is a core value that you uphold every time you drink Nespresso. Cup by cup, you're helping us recycle aluminum, sustainably produce coffee, and protect the environment.

Costa Rica Tree Planting Initiative

On Earth Day 2019, Nespresso USA kicked off a multi-year initiative to plant shade trees in Costa Rica to protect the ecosystem. These efforts help coffee plants and farming communities grow and thrive.


We make our capsules out of aluminum because it protects the quality of our coffee and is infinitely recyclable. Through our free Nespresso Recycling Program, we can transform used capsules into the raw materials used in garden compost, new capsules, and even products like the RE:CYCLE bike by Vélosophy.

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Through our Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Program, we've united with top organizations like the Rainforest Alliance to continually expand our sustainable practices in the face of climate change - and protect the livelihoods of our farmers.

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Protecting the Environment

We're reducing our carbon footprint step by step. From putting energy-efficent machines in your homes to revitalizing the environment through agroforestry, we promise to keep sustainability at the heart of everything we do.

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