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Recurring shipments of your favorite coffees.

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Nespresso EasyOrder is the smart way to make sure you never run out of your favorite coffees again. Simply select your coffees, choose your shipping frequency and pick your preferred delivery date. It's that simple.


EasyOrder Conditions of Sales

Nespresso EasyOrder

  • Automatic, recurring shipments

  • Modify or cancel anytime

  • Free shipping for orders meeting certain requirements

How does
EasyOrder work?

step 1

Create from a past order

Select from your order history one of your past orders and click on “make this order a standing order.” Then add, delete and modify quantities.

Create from scratch

Select your favorite coffees. That’s it!

You can also include recycling bags and descaling kits to your EasyOrder. To enjoy free shipping, make sure your orders are worth $35 or more!

step 2

First, tell us how often you would like to receive your coffee delivery (weekly, twice a month, monthly, etc.)

If you’d like, we can recommend a schedule for you.

Second, choose your delivery address and payment method.

You won’t be billed until your order is ready to ship.

Cancel or modify anytime.

You’ll receive an email alert 4 days before your order ships. You’ll have until midnight the day before shipping to cancel or make any changes.

step 3

That’s it.

Now just sit back, enjoy and never worry about being without your favorite coffees again!


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What are the benefits of signing up for the EasyOrder service?
It is a standing order service that you can set up once and make sure you never run out of your favorite coffees. All Original and Vertuo coffees are available to order under this service. It saves you time and effort of placing an order every time your coffee runs out.

It is easy to set up – from scratch or from a previous order. All you have to do is indicate the coffees that you want delivered, the frequency of delivery - weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bi-monthly – the delivery address and provide your credit card details.

Before each order is shipped you will receive an email alert: should you want to modify any aspect of the order (Coffee selection, delivery date) or even cancel it, you can do so for no charge. You can set up, modify or cancel your standing orders at, on the mobile application, at one of our Boutiques or by calling Nespresso at 1-800-562-1465 or 1-877-964-6299.
Is there a fee for signing up or using this service?
There is no fee for creating, modifying or cancelling your standing order.
What are my obligations for signing up for the EasyOrder service?
There are no contractual obligations for signing up for this standing order service. You can create, modify or cancel the service anytime at, on the mobile application, at one of our Boutiques or by calling Nespresso at 1-800-562-1465 (OriginalLine) and 1-877-964-6299 (VertuoLine).
Can I make a gift of a standing order?
Yes, you can make a gift of a standing order as you can set up several standing order accounts, each one assigned to a specific delivery address.
How will I know when my order will ship?
You will receive an email alert before your order is shipped out. You can modify or cancel your order anytime until a day before the order is shipped. Or you can log into your Nespresso account or call Nespresso to enquire about your next shipment.
How do I modify or cancel my EasyOrder?
You can cancel your EasyOrder subscription, cancel one or more EasyOrder orders, or modify the EasyOrder product(s) ordered, frequency of delivery or any customer details at any time free of charge. More information regarding cancellation is available in the EasyOrder service confirmation e-mail sent upon enrollment, as well as under "My Account/Easy Order" upon logging into your account.
What are the shipping fees for an EasyOrder?
Orders worth $35 dollars or more and shipped to locations within the contiguous 48 United States within 3 business days are free. Orders worth $35 dollars or more and shipped to locations within Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and other US Territories within 5 business days are free. If you want a shipment delivered earlier or your order is worth less than $35, you can choose the 2 business day option for an additional fee of $6.95.
What if I do not want my order and it has already shipped. How do I cancel it?
Per the Conditions of Sales, you may refuse the delivery of a package once it has shipped. In the event that you receive the product(s), you can return the order in accordance with the Conditions of Sales.
What if my credit card expires? Will it block my delivery?
When you set up your EasyOrder for the first time you will be asked to provide a credit card that will be charged before each order is shipped. As long as your EasyOrder service is active, you will receive an automatic email alerting you that your credit card is nearing its date of expiry.
Why don’t I see the Boutique-Pick-up option for my EasyOrder set up?
This delivery mode is not available for EasyOrder. Please choose a regular home or work delivery address for delivery within 1-2 business days.
What is the minimum order quantity to place an EasyOrder?
There is no minimum order quantity to place an EasyOrder. See FAQ regarding shipping costs for order requirements to obtain free shipping.
What happens if an item such as the Limited Edition coffees are out of stock?
Even if a specific item in your standing order runs out of stock, as could be the case with Nespresso Limited Editions, the remainder of your order will ship. You will only be charged for the shipped items. You will receive an email alerting you of the non-shipped items.
Do I benefit from promotional activities by signing up for EasyOrder?
All Members can benefit from Nespresso member-exclusive offers irrespective of whether they have signed up for EasyOrder. To ensure that you never miss out on your member-exclusives please update your Nespresso account with your email address.
I did not see Nespresso machines or all of the Nespresso accessories? How do I order these as part of my service?
The EasyOrder service extends to the entire range of Nespresso coffees including Limited Editions, recycling bags and machine descaling kits. We encourage you to place a separate order for Nespresso machines and accessories that are typically ordered in less predictable frequency.
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