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Vertuo Cappuccino Cups & 4 Vertuo sleeves

Set of 2 Cappuccino Cups from our Vertuo Collection and 4 sleeves assortment of Vertuo coffees. Save 21% on the regular price of this assortment.


This set includes a pre-selected assortment of 40 capsules of Vertuo coffees:


- 1 sleeve of Elvazio

- 1 sleeve of Giornio 

- 1 sleeve of Odacio

- 1 sleeve of Double Espresso Scuro


Enjoy a classic cup of cappuccino with this stylish set. The clear glass design showcases the exceptional look and extraordinary taste of our coffee with milk – leaving room for a generous layer of milk froth. Each set includes: two cups, two saucers, two spoons. Cups 6.1 oz/180ml, spoons 4.7 in/12cm long.