Puerto Rico Recycling Bag for Pods & Capsules | Nespresso USA


Puerto Rico Recycling Bag – Limited Edition
At Nespresso we are committed to giving your used capsules a second life, and by recycling with this bag you’re showing your support for our efforts to revitalize coffee farms in Puerto Rico. Every recycling bag represents one new coffee tree that will be planted on the island, with the power to revive the land and help farmers and communities prosper. The bag features original artwork titled Inspiration by Puerto Rican artist Gerardo Cloquell.

Limited quantities, one per order while supplies last.

Each bag can hold up to 200 Original / 100 Vertuo capsules. Once filled, you can return this bag at no charge by dropping it off at any UPS drop-off location. Service is available in all areas except Hawaii, Alaska and US Territories.