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Fine dining


Coffee & Machines for your Fine Dining Establishment

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Offer customers a moment to remember

Delight your guests with our coffees. The Nespresso coffee range comprises thirteen coffees, each with its own personality, distinct aromas and the authentic characteristics of its origins. Each coffee is categorised by cup size and intensity. We offer different ranges of coffees to be enjoyed as Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo, or Decaffeinated.

Satisfied customers

Nespresso is renowned for our expertise and we implement high standards across our value chain. You can look forward to consistently reliable products and a dedicated Customer Service team that is always on hand to listen.


13 coffees to suit every taste, any time of the day

  • Ristretto Intenso

    A daring blend of South and Central American Robustas and Arabica, Ristretto Intenso is a full coffee of exceptional intensity with notes of pepper and a creamy texture.


    Size of cup: 25ml

  • Ristretto Origin India

    Ristretto Origin India is the marriage of the finest Arabicas with a hint of Robusta from Southern India. It is a full-bodied coffee, which has a powerful character and notes of spices.


    Size of cup: 25ml

  • Ristretto

    Pure and dark-roasted South and Central American Arabicas make Ristretto a coffee with a dense body and distinct cocoa notes.


    Size of cup: 25ml

  • Espresso Forte

    Made exclusively from South and Central American Arabicas, the complex aroma of this intensely roasted espresso is a balance of strong roasted and fruity notes.


    Size of cup: 40ml

  • Espresso Leggero

    A delicious blend of South American Arabicas and Robusta, Espresso Leggero adds smooth cocoa and cereal notes to a well-balanced body.


    Size of cup: 40ml

  • Espresso Origin Brazil

    A pure Arabica coffee, Espresso Origin Brazil is a delicate blend with a smooth texture and an elegantly mild and sweet flavor enhanced by a note of lightly toasted grain.


    Size of cup: 40ml

  • Lungo Origin Guatemala

    A blend of Arabica and washed Robusta coffee, Lungo Origin Guatemala is a smooth and balanced blend with intense dry and malty cereal notes underlining its bold character.


    Size of cup: 110ml

  • Lungo Forte

    A complex blend of South and Central American Arabicas, Lungo Forte holds intense roasted notes with a subtle hint of fruit.


    Size of cup: 110ml

  • Lungo Leggero

    A delicate blend of lightly roasted East African, South and Central American Arabicas. Lungo Leggero is an aromatic coffee with mild notes of jasmine.


    Size of cup: 110ml

  • Espresso Decaffeinato

    Dark roasted South American Arabicas with a touch of Robusta bring out the subtle cocoa and roasted cereal notes of this full-bodied decaffeinated espresso.


    Size of cup: 40ml

  • Lungo Decaffeinato

    Lungo Decaffeinato is a balanced decaffeinated coffee made from a complex blend of separately roasted South American and East African Arabicas.


    Size of cup: 110ml

  • Espresso Vanilla

    Espresso Vanilla is a flavored coffee elaborated on a base of Espresso Forte, a complex and intensely roasted blend made from South and Central American Arabicas.


    Size of cup: 40ml

  • Espresso Caramel

    Espresso Caramel is a flavored coffee elaborated on a base of Espresso Forte, a complex and intensely roasted blend made from South and Central American Arabicas.


    Size of cup: 40ml


Reliable and efficient solutions

Combining streamlined design and state-of-the-art technology, all professional-grade machines for restaurants are equiped with an exclusive extraction system. Ristrettos, Espressos, Lungos or any one of our delicious milk-based coffee recipes can be prepared simply and quickly.

Nespresso machines force water through the ground coffee thanks to a high-pressure pump. This powerful extraction process generates an incomparable crema (the golden foam that sits on top of the coffee and which seals in all the coffee aromas).

A dedicated range of professional coffee machines
designed to meet your needs

  • zenius

    • Easy to use, efficient, fast and high output.
    • 2 litre water tank for high autonomy.
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  • gemini

    • Forward-thinking design, flexible to use, and double head for 2 simultaneous coffee preparations.
    • Milk-based recipes available.
  • aguila

    • Signature in-cup quality for high volume with 2 or 4 extraction heads and milk-based recipes at the touch of a button.


The Nespresso coffee sommelierTM and chef academy programmes

Nespresso has developed two unique educational programmes for professional sommeliers and culinary experts who wish to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the world of coffee. Through the sommelier programme, they will learn how to conduct a complete sensory analysis and pair coffee with fine cuisine.

Prestigious partnerships

To inspire the world's leaders in Fine Dining, Nespresso has formed partnerships with associations of renowned gastronomists, chefs and sommeliers around the world.

These include Relais & Chateaux, Le Bocuse d'Or, the prestigious international culinary competition which takes place every two years in Lyon, the French gastronomic capital; and the Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe association which connects passionate young restaurateurs combining an innovative spirit with entrepreneurial flair.

Furthermore Nespresso is the proud partner of the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (ASI) and the world's best Sommelier, Paolo Basso.


Portrait of a Chef

Yannick Alleno, 3-Star Michelin French Chef and one of Nespresso's Culinary Ambassadors, talks about his passion for cooking and how coffee is an integral part of his culture.


What else can we do for you?

When you are running a company, your time is valuable. You need reliable technical support and dedicated services that leave you free to concentrate on developing your business. Whether it is delivery within 48 hours or the loan of extra machines, Nespresso takes care of the details for you.

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