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Nespresso Momento
Coffee & Milk


  • 1 extraction head, 50+ coffee per day
  • 5 cup sizes and 16 barista milk recipes
  • automatic capsule recognition
  • intuitive touchscreen
  • cup warming plate
  • for an enhanced coffee experience


Our installation partner, Cordon, will contact you within 24h after your purchase to make an appointment for the installation of your new machine within 3 business days.

When you buy this machine online, you automatically opt for a Pay As You Go-option – you’ll pay a fee for every maintenance or reparation. Want more peace of mind? Discover our Service Packages – we’ve got everything covered.

The machine needs at least 50 mm of free space on all sides to ensure good ventilation.
The worktop should be able to carry the minimum load of your machine.
The installation area has to be easily accessible, clean, dry, water-resistant and compliant with the applicable hygiene and safety standards.
Leave 150 mm extra space at the top of the machine.
Option direct water connection and/or drainage:
Provide a 3/4” water tap that is no more than 1.5 m away from the machine.
If you wish to install your machine on a counter, please drill a hole with a minimum of 60 mm diameter centred at the back of the machine.
Please be aware the machine can only be installed when no other machines occupy the installation area. The Nespresso Professional technician is not authorised to move coffee machines of other brands than Nespresso.

  • To enable a certain number of technical features such as the instructions when preparing a coffee, information on the aromatic profile, etc. the Nespresso Momento Coffee & Milk machine works exclusively with Nespresso Professional capsules.
  • The aforementioned technical features are made possible by software that can be updated remotely via a built-in modem with a 3G connection. If the installation area does not allow a 3G connection, Nespresso will send a technician to perform the necessary updates. A fee will be billed for manual updates performed by a technician.
  • The Nespresso Momento Coffee & Milk machine can collect and share usage statistics with Nespresso or with Nespresso’s approved distributors, in order to continuously improve our products and the quality of our services. These usage statistics, which include data relating to coffee preparation, are in no way of a personal nature. The Nespresso Momento Coffee & Milk machine does not share data containing information that enables Nespresso to identify the user.

(1) When you buy this machine online, you automatically opt for a Pay As You Go-option – you’ll pay a fee for every maintenance or reparation. Want more peace of mind? Discover our service packages


  • ONE-TOUCH RECIPE PREPARATION: milk-based, coffee, hot water
  • CAPSULE INSERT AND EJECTION: 18 seconds (coffee) + 15 seconds (milk beverages)
  • REMOVABLE WATER TANK: 5 L, direct water connection and/or drainage as an option
  • REMOVABLE MILK CONTAINER: 3 L for storage in the fridge
  • DIMENSIONS: 56 x 50 x 42 cm
  • WEIGHT: 35 kg
  • ALERTS: Descaling and full capsule container
  • POWER RATING: 1200 watts
  • ELECTRICITY: 230 V, 50 Hz, 1200 watts
  • Minimized brewing sound
  • Connectivity to allow remote software update

Coffee machine

Nespresso Momento Coffee & Milk

Would you like to opt for a direct water connection?

By opting for a direct water connection with the purchase of this product, you agree to its installation conditions.


Our technician will create the direct water connection for your new machine.

Please provide a 3/4” water tap that is no more than 1.5 m away from the machine.
If you wish to install your machine on a counter, please drill a hole with a minimum of 6 cm diameter centred at the back of the machine.
Provide sufficient space for the water filter which has a height of approximately 65 cm and a diameter of approximately 25 cm. The filter must always be placed upright.
The water filter is a Brita Purity Quell ST supplied by Nespresso and installed with a non-return valve.

Water supply

Please select a box to move to the next step.

Add a selection of coffees to your order (optional):

Capsules are sold by boxes of 50 capsules.

Nespresso Momento

    TOTAL* €

    Nespresso Momento Coffee & Milk

    Overview of included products and services

    • Momento Coffee & Milk machine
    • On-site maintenance every year
    • Possibility for furnishing solutions
    • Loan machine during maintenance
    • Technical assistance over the phone
    • Technical assistance within 48 hours
    • Care products

    A subscription pack is available in different, tailor-made options. A sales representative will propose you the best coffee solution for your business if you leave us your contact details.

    Yearly cost of the Comfort service package for the Nespresso Momento Coffee & Milk: €800/year

    146€/month and 600 capsules/mounth (2)

    Send us your details Do you need additional information ?

    Modern and timeless design with an intuitive touchscreen. The elegant and simple display guides consumers to brew coffee and milk recipes.

    Capsule recognition and indication of the coffee’s name, its aromatic profiles and intensity for an enhanced coffee experience.

    Recommendation of the the optimal milk recipes for your coffee among the 16 barista milk recipes provided: Latte, Latte Grande, Flat White, Cappuccino Lungo, Cappuccino Chiaro, Cappuccino, Latte Piccolo, Latte Macchiato, Macchiatissimo, Cortado Lungo, Cortado and Espresso Macchiato.

    Easy and fast to clean. A step by step animation on screen guides your operators along the process.

    Sustainable design with a modular approach and a robust range, designed to last and optimise water and energy consumption.

    Contactless technology available by activating one of the three contactless functions for a coffee in total security (locked screen, order via QR code, automatic extraction).

    Exceptional moments,
    from an espresso to a latte macchiato
    with Nespresso

    An exceptional coffee at your fingertips.
    With its touchscreen, select up to five cup sizes and sixteen barista milk recipes.

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    Nespresso’s complete quality system ensures that finished capsules interact with machines in such a way as to extract all the flavours that have been so carefully sought, selected for, roasted, ground and packed.

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    You have the possibility at any time to get a service package for your machine by contacting us on the toll free number 0800 496 53. Find out more about service packages here.

    At this moment, it is not possible to buy a Subscription online. If you are interested in a Subscription plan, or if you want more information about our Subscription plans, please contact us through this online contact form. One of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible.

    There are different payment possibilities available for a Nespresso Momento Coffee & Milk. Discover the different options here. These payment solutions are not purchaseable online, but if you want more information, you can contact us through the online contact form or on the toll free number 0800 496 53.

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