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Shopping for Colombian Coffee? Find Out If It's Really Your Cup of Coffee.

So, you think Colombian coffee is your cup of coffee? You're probably right.

But before you check out, find out what makes Colombian coffee so special and decide if it's something that you'd really like.

If it is, we recommend Nespresso's Master Origins Colombia. It uses only high-grown, washed processed Colombian Arabica so you could taste every bit of the lively acidity and the burst of winey red fruit aromas.

But, first things first: What makes Colombian coffee special and why should you get it?

The whole world loves it.

Colombian coffee is a favourite of many coffee lovers because of its unique flavours and strong aroma. It has often been described as mild and well-balanced with a medium, silky body while its aroma tends to be fruity with a hint of spice.

Its all-round quality is down to the way the beans were grown; in an optimum environment with the right climate, people, and culture.

Plus, as recent as 2015, Colombia exported over 1.6 million pounds of coffee beans from over 1.8 million pounds produced. That's over 88% of coffee export, which speaks volumes about the reputation and quality of Colombian coffee.

Speaking of beans, “Colombian coffee” usually means Arabica beans.

Which is also the priciest and most in-demand variety. Arabica beans are light, sweet, and flowery – all the things that coffee lovers crave for. In certain cultures, they double up as luxury gifts.

Dark roast? Light roast? Have both.

While the rich and flowery nature of Arabica beans is especially suited for a dark roast, they also make a delightful light roast, for the beans are flavourful enough to not require heavy roasting to bring out the taste within.

It's simply more luxurious.

All coffee types are made from different coffee beans grown in different regions. Colombia is famous for producing higher quality coffee beans, which results in all-round better coffee. That, of course, comes at a certain price tag, which led many to see Colombian coffee as the go-to choice for those with more refined taste.

Quality in all varieties.

Colombian coffee comes in many forms. From the famous trinity of Medellin, Armenia, and Manizales to Cucuta and Bucaramanga, there are plenty of options to choose from. They differ in flavour and taste but one thing is for certain – the quality and heritage of Colombian coffee run through them.

No difference besides taste and aroma.

Contrary to popular beliefs, Colombian coffee doesn't contain more caffeine. The dark and light roasts contain almost the same amount of caffeine, with the difference being negligible. So, if you're worried that picking Colombian coffee may unsettle your habits or routine, don't worry. It won't.

Flexibility in brewing.

There isn't really a “traditional” style of Colombian coffee, because it all comes down to the beans. Arabica beans are equally good for a light cup of cappuccino or a cup of smooth and pure black coffee. Mixed coffee drinks are achievable too. You can choose to add cream, milk, and sugar, or take them all away. Whatever your favourite brew is, Colombian coffee does it all.

If you've decided that Colombian coffee is for you, we recommend that you order from a company that offers fresh roasting as opposed to grabbing one off-the-shelf. While the former option retains the freshness of the beans by delivering them to you within a week or so, the latter option may come with a loss of aroma and flavour because the beans have already been roasted weeks or even months beforehand.

For an optimum Colombian coffee experience, however, look no further than Nespresso's Master Origins Colombia. It gives you all the traditional goodness of Colombian coffee, but with one distinctive feature; it uses Late Harvest Arabica, which are Arabica beans harvested at precisely the right moment by seasoned coffee-pickers.

But that’s not all. Our capsules are also made from 80% recycled aluminium, which guarantees not only freshness and quality, but also less burden on the environment.

The result? A cup of smooth and fruity coffee, in which you'll taste the winey red fruit notes of blackcurrant and cranberry. Check out our how to buy a perfect coffee cup guide before buying a perfect cup for your coffee next time.

Ready for that cup of Colombian coffee? Get the Master Origins Colombia for only RM2.70.

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MYR 2.70

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