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A good cup of coffee begins with the right coffee cup.

How do you choose the right coffee cup?

Unlike choosing coffee beans or coffee powder – which is easy because you simply have to pick something that you like – choosing a coffee cup isn't so straightforward.

They come in many different sizes and materials. There are hundreds, thousands even, of designs to consider. And to top it all off, your choice will affect the taste of your coffee, for better or worst.

So, if you're all about making that perfect cup of coffee, this guide will help you choose the right coffee cup by getting a few details right:

Choosing the right size.

How much coffee do you drink? One cup? Or is it one cup after another?

If one cup is all you need, a standard coffee cup that holds 8 to 12 ounces of liquid is sufficient. If you just can't have enough of coffee, you may want to consider a larger cup that holds 24 to 36 ounces.

Should you go for a larger cup, just remember: your coffee is at its best only when its warm, so finish it before it gets cold.

Nespresso coffee

Choosing the right material.

Coffee cups are traditionally made from porcelain.

It's known to retain the aroma and taste of your coffee by keeping it warm. That means you get to enjoy your coffee for that much longer. It's easy to wash too but unfortunately, it also breaks easily when you happen to drop it.

Which leads us to the more durable option: stainless steel.

Like porcelain, a stainless steel coffee cup keeps the aroma and taste of your coffee, as well as its temperature. But it doesn't break, which makes it an ideal choice if you have butterfingers.

If you already have your mind made up, look no further than Nespresso's Pixie Cup Collection that comes with more than 10 styles in stainless steel.

Coffee cups made of plastic, foam, and paper are not recommended. While they're convenient and disposable, they do not retain the taste of your coffee as well as porcelain or stainless steel cups. They're also not environmentally-friendly.

Nespress Pixie Cup

Choosing the right lid.

If you're a busy bee who's always on-the-go, this is for you.

Is the lid snapped-on or screwed-on? A snapped-on lid is easily detachable, but it may not be secure enough if you're always moving from one place to another.

A screwed-on lid, however, should remain securely in place, even when you drop your cup chasing that taxi. And if you love sipping your iced coffee from a straw, there are lids that come with an insertion point too.

Touch Travel Mug

Choosing the right design.

There are more designs out there than there are coffee beans.

You'll find coffee cups in solid colours, colourful designs, with whimsical quotes or simply funny observations. You'll even find some in odd shapes and sizes, often in tribute to pop-culture.

Like all things design, there is no right or wrong. But you may want to consider where you'll be using your latest purchase: a “cool” coffee cup is great when you're at home, but it may not be suitable when you bring it to your workplace.

And speaking of home and work:

Choosing the right coffee cup for home.

Choosing a coffee cup for your home means you don't need to worry about its size, because you could always walk to your kitchen for a quick refill. So, if you like your coffee cup small, great. If you like it bigger, that works too.

It's important to give special consideration to its material and design, however. Coffee cups made of good materials can last for a long time, while different designs can show off your personality to your guests and brighten your morning every time you look at it.

Nespresso offers a selection of coffee cups in different sizes and designs. Take your pick here. View Cappuccino Cup

Choosing the right cup for work.

It gets trickier when you're choosing a coffee cup for work.

You may want to pay more attention to the size of your coffee cup and whether or not it comes with a lid. A larger cup that holds between 24 to 36 ounces of liquid may be the better choice, so you don't make too many trips to the pantry. Having a lid helps too, especially when your work requires you to be on-the-go.

And when that happens,Nespresso's travel series may just be what you're looking for.

Nespresso coffee at work

It all depends on your personal needs, but you don't have to settle just for one cup; there are plenty of options out there and you'll need back-ups in case anything happens to your favourite one.

Whether it's finding the perfect on-the-go cup or finding one to kickstart your morning at home, Nespresso's wide range of cups and glasses have something for everyone. Check out Nespresso Accessories now.

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