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Awaken to the Aroma of Nespresso Original Coffee Capsules

Discover a world of exceptional flavors with our Original capsules, delivering an unmatched coffee experience.

Explore the full range of Original coffee pods today and indulge in fruity, bold, and mild flavours that come in three sizes of Ristretto (25ml), Espresso (40ml), and Lungo (110ml). Elevate your coffee routine with Nespresso milk frothersand effortlessly craft delicious cappuccinos, lattes, and macchiatos like never before.​

Exceptional Quality Coffee

With over 30 blends of sustainably-sourced roast and ground coffee capsules, each cup of Nespresso coffee offers a truly unique experience of the highest standard, so you can have the best coffee experience at home.

The harmonious marriage of Robusta and Arabica beans carefully selected from Latin America, Indonesia, and beyond, are subtly imbued with the distinct influence of local weather and terroir of their origins. Experience premium quality and a consistent flavour in every Nespresso cup, every time.

Made With Recyclable Material

All Nespresso capsules are made with 100% responsibly sourced, infinitely recyclable aluminium. Aluminium is the best material to protect the freshness and aromas of your coffee, ensuring that you get the best possible cup, every time.

Your Ultimate Coffee Convenience

Our one-touch Original coffee machines mean that you don’t have to leave your home for a coffee – simply pop in the capsule of your choice, select the preferred cup size, and watch your coffee be brewed. Easy, convenient, and delicious classic European-style coffee in a matter of seconds.

A Diverse Range of Flavours & Aromas

Discover a world of coffee blends tailored to cater to various preferences and palates. Whether you crave the bold intensity of an espresso, or the silky smoothness of a lungo, Nespresso’s extensive range of capsule flavours ensure there’s a perfect match for every coffee lover.

Barista Creations

These coffee pods perfectly encapsulate the creativity and expertise of the world’s finest baristas. From the subtly flavoured Caramello and Nocciola to the intense notes of Corto, you can recreate your favourite milk-based coffee recipes at home with Nespresso.

Ispirazione Italiana

Take a whiff of any of these freshly brewed espresso or Ristretto pods, and you may be transported to the Italian countryside where coffee is more than just a beverage — it’s a lifestyle. Enjoy these intense multi-origin blends for a stronger flavour profile and an even stronger buzz. If you’ve had enough caffeine for the day but still want to savour the taste of coffee, the Ispirazione Italiana series also has decaf pods such as Arpeggio Decaffeinato for the taste without the buzz.

World Explorations

This is an open invitation to explore the world through coffee. The World Explorations series was inspired by iconic cities across the world and the different ways that coffee is appreciated in each place . You don’t have to get on a plane to go to Sweden to sample Stockholm Lungo, nor should you need to go to France to try the finest Paris Espresso, Nespresso is all you need!

The Classic Collection

For those who prefer to get back to basics, these pods are the perfect choice for you. Enjoy as it is, or pair your favourite type of espresso with a dash of milk for a milder, albeit creamier finish.

Master Origins

Inspired by their lands of origin, this coffee capsule series offers a glimpse into the distinctive ways that coffee is processed by master craftsmen in different countries. Experience the diverse taste of coffee for yourself. Buy and taste our best-selling Nespresso Colombia today.

Enjoy Nespresso Original Coffee Capsules in Malaysia

Savour the best coffee today with Nespresso Original. Why stop there? Pair your coffee with one of our premium coffee accessories and elevate your experience to the next level. Brew, sip, and enjoy the extraordinary taste of Nespresso coffee capsules. Buy now and make every moment exceptional.

Explore the Unique Flavours of Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Capsules

Quality is the hallmark of Nespresso when it comes to creating our premium blends and coffee systems. Our Vertuo coffee capsules are certainly no exception here. Meticulously crafted with precision and care, each Nespresso Vertuo capsule perfectly encapsulates the unique flavours and aromas extracted from over 30 different blends of sustainably sourced roast and ground coffee. Our capsules are also created with mostly recycled aluminium that helps to seal the freshness of the coffee over longer periods of time.

You’ll also find six different capsule and pod sizes available to try, ranging from the smallest premium Espresso (40 ml) to the largest Carafe (535 ml).

Different Coffee Styles Crafted for Every Moment

Hot or cold, from the smallest cups to the largest mugs, uncover a full spectrum of coffee styles with Nespresso Vertuo today. Start your day off strong with an invigorating shot of Espresso or even a Double Espresso for those who require that extra kick after waking up. For those with a preference for milder coffees, we’d suggest you try out one of our Gran Lungo or flavoured coffee capsules.

Centrifusion™ Brewing Technology

Behind every exceptional cup of Vertuo coffee lies our Centrifusion™ brewing technology — the perfect melding of engineering, science, and coffee. This intelligent system uses a special barcode that is placed on each Vertuo coffee capsule and pod. When inserted into a Vertuo coffee machine, the barcode is scanned, and the machine will automatically adjust parameters like temperature, number of rotations, and water amount based on the specific blend. This ensures the optimal and consistent brew for the perfect cup of coffee each and every time.

A Wide Variety of Coffee Flavours Tailored to You

A vast world of coffee styles and flavours awaits when you choose Vertuo coffee pods. From the smooth crema of your favourite premium espresso to the subtle sweetness of our flavoured coffees, Nespresso Vertuo has something for everyone.


For lovers of the classic, bold taste of coffee, our Espresso series packs a huge punch in a compact size. Each shot is a concentrated burst of taste, perfectly capturing the essence of our premium coffee blends in every drop. Try out Diavolitto if you’re into fine oak wood and leather notes complemented by a smooth, creamy texture created by a blend of Latin American Arabicas and Guatemalan Robusta. If you prefer an espresso without caffeine, Altissio Decaffeinato is all you’ll need.

Double Espresso

What’s better than a shot of espresso? Two shots! Revel in a double dose of coffee satisfaction with our Double Espresso capsules like Double Espresso Scuro and Bianco Doppio. The latter goes particularly well in any coffee milk recipe due to the complex aromatic flavours that have been extracted from light split roasted Arabicas from Kenya, Colombia, and Nicaragua.

Gran Lungo

For a larger cup size, Gran Lungo is the perfect choice for even more coffee in every pour. Enjoy the depth and complex flavours of our signature full-bodied Nespresso Vertuo pod, Fortado, an intense Washed Colombian Arabica and Indian Robusta blend that has been split-roasted to perfection. Or if you prefer a full-bodied but mellow coffee with malty sweet cereal notes, then Costa Rica is the perfect choice for you. This blend comes from a selection of Arabica coffee beans that undergo a one-of-a-kind fermentation process in hot spring waters in Costa Rica. The result is a remarkably balanced and clean taste of coffee.

Mug Size Coffee

If you desire something more than just a quick caffeine hit, these Nespresso Vertuo capsules were specially designed to satisfy your longing for a larger cup of coffee. Whether it’s taste or volume, savour the smooth and strong coffee taste in an even bigger cup today.


Our Alto capsules offer the ultimate coffee experience, with more coffee in each cup to extend your enjoyment of the moments between sips. Kick off your new favourite coffee ritual with Alto Onice or Alto Ambrato, two of our top picks for a great cup of coffee.


Inspired by the Pour-Over method, our Alto series captures the subtleties of this popular technique to offer you a unique drinking experience. Try out our Carafe Pour-Over Style Intense or Carafe Pour-Over Style Mild today and pair them with our premium Vertuo Carafe Set for an elevated experience!

Enjoy the Best Coffee Experience Today

Unleash your at-home barista, experiment with various styles and sizes, and create your favourite café moments with Nespresso Vertuo pods today. Get yourself an automatic coffee brewer like our Nespresso Vertuo coffee machines to enjoy convenient, tasty coffee that will brighten up your day, every day.